Chevy Cargo Accessories Help You Bring Everything But The Kitchen Sink

January 27th, 2016 by




For those loyal Chevrolet drivers who’ve taken on the solemn responsibility as the family transporter, we commend you. The job of organizing all of the cargo, mapping out routes and delivering passengers to their respective destinations day in and day out is a herculean task that separates the mobile warrior from the rest of the pack.

Chevrolet and the Chevy service department have recognized your commitment to keeping the family functioning as well, and have made steps to facilitate that most onerous of jobs with high-quality cargo accessories built to make your daily errands and usual gear schlepping a breeze.

Here are some of the best Chevy cargo accessories that are sure to take a good deal of the burden off of moving cargo in your otherwise roomy Chevy vehicle.

Protect Your Trunk

For Chevy drivers with heavy duty play times ahead who are worried about muddy boots or wet snowsports equipment dirtying up the back trunk or hatch, Chevy offers an all-weather cargo mat ($75) made of durable, pocketed rubber that can help protect your trunk’s interior and comes custom fitted to your vehicle.

For those tired of hearing groceries and other cargo rolling around in the rear all the time, an available cargo net ($55) can help secure everything in place with gentle-yet-firm elastic netting. And, for those worried about prying eyes peering in to see what’s in your hatch, an available security shade ($135) blocks out the view from outside while a close-out panel separates the hatch from the rest of the car behind the rear seats.

Haul What You Can’t Fit

Sometimes, no matter how good you may be at Tetris, there’s simply no fitting everything you need to bring in the back of your vehicle. That’s why Chevy offers plenty of available cargo hitching options to get just about everything you need to where you need to be with ease.

For all that luggage or sporting equipment that simply can’t fit in the rear, Chevy offers an available canyon roof basket ($309), mounted on the roof rails and perfectly sized for an SUV. Designed to fit luggage and moderately-sized cargo, this basket also comes with an available cargo net ($39) to keep everything secure when out on the road. There’s also a stylish roof-mounted luggage carrier ($449) for those looking to add a little style to their extra cargo space.

For even more storage, Chevy owners can look to the hitch-mounted stowage compartment ($575), a towable compartment that can hold 13 cubic feet and up to 150 lbs of cargo on its own.

Of course, there are always those critical items that will simply never fit into your vehicle, including bikes and water and winter sport items like kayaks, canoes, and paddleboats. These require some pretty serious forethought, but Chevy is always there to deliver.

If you ‘re not satisfied with the wheel-mount roof rack for bikes ($199) you can look into the hitch mounted bike carriers, available in 2-bike ($269) and 4-bike ($299) configurations. Likewise, those who aren’t satisfied with the roof-mounted ski rack ($214) can opt for the hitch-mounted option (($249) instead.

Your Chevy can easily take all of your watersport items as well, including your canoe ($119), kayak ($179 Set-To-Go, $189 Folding-J), or paddle board ($160) on roof racks.

As you can see, Chevy does not mess around when it comes to providing plenty of cargo capabilities or their vehicles. Next time you find yourself struggling to bring along everything you need, look no further than a trusted Chevy vehicle – sure to get you, and your stuff, wherever you need to go.