Chevrolet Cuts Price of 2015 Volt

May 20th, 2015 by

Chevrolet dealers from one side of the country to the next are aware that gas prices are once again rising, just in time for the busy summer travel season. For this reason, many people will find themselves shopping for a more fuel efficient vehicle.

And when it comes to fuel efficiency, there are not many vehicles that have more to offer than the Chevy Volt plug-in.

Chevy dealers are looking to clear 2015 inventory as the redesigned 2016 model will be arriving as the summer drags on. Those who are interested in buying a Volt may find that now is the best time to do so.

The 2015 Volt has a suggested retail price of $35,000. With a federal tax credit of $7,500, this is a great deal on the surface. That is until you realize that you may be able to save even more money.

According to multiple source, such as TrueCar, the average sale price of the Volt is roughly $30,600 before the tax credit. With a discount of nearly $5,000, consumers who were previously on the fence may decide to take the leap soon enough.

A Great Lease Deal

While purchasing the Volt is a possibility, most people have found that a 39-month lease is the better way to go. And for good reason: this will only set you back $299 per month. Better yet, it only requires $1,649 at signing.

Why Now for Price Cuts?

Despite the high demand, Chevy has determined that now is the best time to offer better deals on the Volt. With production getting ready to start on the all new 2016 Volt, it is only natural for dealers to consider ways to clear inventory.

When April came to a close, it was believed that dealers nationwide had approximately 6,000 Volt’s in stock.

The gas-electric hybrid market continues to evolve, with many expecting the next generation Volt to lead the way.

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