Car Maintenance Apps: Get Service Reminders and Advice

April 15th, 2015 by

Keeping up with all your required car maintenance can seem like a chore if you don’t have the right tools.

Though you might get that sticker in your window when you get an oil change at your local auto service center–you won’t get reminders for all the other maintenance you need, such as changing out your air filter or getting new spark plugs.

You can easily overlook the service dates for these essential maintenance tasks, which can put your car at risk.

Staying on track with your maintenance schedule is one of the best ways to protect the health of your car and prolong its life. Smart phone apps can help you keep track of when you have maintenance performed and to remind you of when new maintenance is needed.

Here are a few of the top car maintenance apps to download:

Road Trip

Road Trip is an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that maintains an extensive record for your car, including maintenance, fuel consumption, mileage and more.

The app allows you to quickly enter each maintenance task by type, date and mileage. You can then program the app to send you reminders when you need new maintenance, such as your next synthetic oil change or rotating your tires.

You can also record when you fill up your tank, track mileage by seasons (for monitoring tire health), make notes about driving conditions and weather, calculate the costs of your next road trip, and more. The app supports multiple vehicles, as well as boat and motorcycles.

The full version of the app costs $5.


If you have an Android phone, you can track your car maintenance with aCar, one of the most popular apps for iPhone’s biggest competitor. aCar is an extensive app that lets you record fill-ups, maintenance visits, expenses by type, trips, and more.

When you log in, you’ll see a clean display with easy-to-understand icons so you can enter or retrieve the information you need in seconds. Advanced tools include charts and statistical reports to help you identify trends, such as average fuel consumption as it relates to your maintenance schedule. For example, you might notice that your fuel consumption goes up when you are nearing the time for your next synthetic oil change.

The app includes GPS support, and it can monitor multiple vehicles. The cost is $6.

Car Maintenance Reminder

If you are looking for a free app solution, Car Maintenance Reminder provides the tools you need for no cost. Designed for Android phones, this app does just what its name promises: Remind you about needed car maintenance.

You can set the reminders by the time that has passed or by the mileage you’ve accumulated — or you can get reminders for both.

The app is user-friendly since it comes with pre-sets for all the most important car maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotation, and belt inspections. You enter your own service dates and mileage, and the app does the rest. You’ll get a yellow light indicator when service is approaching and a red light when service is needed.

The interface is not as pretty as some of the more popular apps, but you’ll get the information you need to keep track of your car maintenance, and you’ll get it all for free.

Car Minder Plus

Apple fans get another option for tracking car maintenance with this app. Car Minder Plus is similar to Android’s Car Maintenance Reminder in that it includes presets for car maintenance tasks and uses a red/yellow/green-light system for letting you know when it’s time to get work done.

Not only can this app track your maintenance for you, but it can create a complete record for your car that you can e-mail to yourself or others. This is especially useful for tracking business expenses, managing taxes, or providing information for prospective buyers when you are selling your car.

Like other car apps, you can also use this one to track fuel consumption and to get a better handle on your overall fuel economy. Use it to track one car or all the cars in the family. You can also use it to track service and mileage for a motorcycle.

Auto Care

Android and iPhone users alike can benefit from this maintenance app. Auto Care has a slick interface that gives you detailed information about your fuel consumption and your car maintenance.

The car maintenance screen is broken down into categories such as oil filter and fluids, wheels and tires, lamps and glasses, care and accessories, suspension and brakes, and engine and start. Click on a category and see the recommended maintenance and enter services you get for your car.

Not only can you get alerts about needed maintenance, but you can also track expenses for them. You can see how much you’ve spent on car maintenance and repairs for the year or by period. You can compare that information year over year or monitor it for trends.

You can do the same for your fuel consumption, noting when you fill up, how many miles you get on a tank, and how much you spend. You can even break it down by costs per mile so you can monitor your spending averages by year or by period.

You can create a report for any of your expenses or maintenance and export it for sharing. Again, this is a great feature for record keeping for business and tax purposes.


Your smart phone is like your own personal assistant. Why not use it to help you take better care of your car? These apps will let you know when it’s time for your next synthetic oil change or when you need to take a look at your timing belt.

They’ll even help you in the day-to-day battle against rising gas prices by helping you monitor your fuel consumption and determine ways to improve your fuel efficiency.

Download one of these useful apps today to develop a proactive plan for your car maintenance.