Best Ways To Protect Your Aging Vehicle

March 22nd, 2016 by



When it comes to keeping your aging used vehicle safe from the damaging winds of time, there are a few easy steps any driver can take to greatly extend your vehicle’s lifespan beyond where it may otherwise be headed. The best course of action, obviously, is through proper care and maintenance throughout the vehicle’s entire life. If, however, your vehicle is still struggling to overcome the effects of age, there are a few simple tricks to keep in mind that can keep your used car in top shape – most of which are simple, quick, and cheap with the help of a local car repair service.

Looking for a good way to keep your aging beauty in the limelight for years to come? Follow these three basic tips for increasing your used car’s longevity…


Fluid Changes

Your vehicle’s fluids are much like the blood that runs through your body, although with a slightly different job to do. While many of these fluids – like motor oil, transmission fluid, and coolant – provide lubrication or temperature regulation rather than oxygen to your car’s systems, they are arguably just as important to your vehicle as your blood is to you. And just like your own fluids, the fluids in your car build up impurities and need to be changed out fairly regularly, thereby ensuring that your car can run smoothly and without building up damaging gunk and sludge in the process.

Make sure to pay attention to your motor oil first and foremost, as it needs to be changed about every 5,000 miles, or when you notice it has developed an off color or odor. From there, the others need to be changed less frequently but should still be closely monitored, like coolant and transmission fluid, which should be drained and replaced about every 50,000 miles, or in accordance with your manufacturer’s recommendations.


Wheel Care

When it comes to keeping your vehicle’s parts in proper working order, few truly matter as much as your wheels and tires. These are the actual contact points between your car and the road, and no matter how powerful your vehicle may be it won’t be going anywhere without a properly functioning wheel system. That’s why it’s critical to keep your wheels in top condition, including everything from the brake system to the suspension. With these working as they should, your vehicle will remain safely planted on the ground and able to stop when it needs to. Plus, with properly fitted and inflated tires, you can take some of the wear and tear off your engine by maintaining high fuel efficiency on the road.


Proper Protection

In all reality, as hard as rough driving and poor maintenance can be on your vehicle over time, few elements are more destructive than those of nature itself. Poor weather, salty or sandy ocean air, snow, cold, heat, humidity, and just about every other extreme point on the barometer can work toward weakening your vehicle through slow, long-term damage to its systems. If you keep your used vehicle in an area that’s prone to harsh weather conditions regularly or occasionally, it might be a good idea to cover your vehicle with proper protection, including a fitted car cover or features like an engine heater or high-performance air filter. These can all help keep the elements away from your vehicle and keep your car in top shape for miles and miles to come.


While no short fix is bound to keep your used vehicle running forever, these simple solutions to regular problems can seriously extend your car’s lifespan and keep you on the road longer than you may have ever thought possible. Keep your car in good shape and it will reward you in the long run – and that, in our minds, is well worth the effort.


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