Best and Worst Features You Must Keep an Eye Out For

August 8th, 2018 by

Red Chevy Malibu passing a white car on a highway

Used cars for sale will sometimes offer a strange selection of features. Here at DePaula Chevy, we get a large number of vehicles with all kinds of exciting feature combinations and trims, and we understand that it can be confusing. To make life easier for you, here is a comprehensive list of all the features you should keep your eye out for.


Must-Have Features

Automatic High Beams

Automatic high beams are a must-have a safety feature that makes driving those risky or unfamiliar roads at night much easier. They do exactly as the name entails, activate your high beams when things become darkest. Most drivers have experienced the stress of driving at night without proper lighting, but with this enlightening feature that becomes one less thing to stress over.


Automatic Emergency Braking

Why automatic emergency braking is a must have should be a given. This feature will sense a collision at low speeds and does the reacting for you if you can’t. This is the type of feature that saves lives and prevents all kinds of unfortunate damage.


Backup Camera

This is a fairly common standard feature these days and for a good reason. Backup cameras reduce the risk of reverse damage by giving you an extra set of eyes in the rear. This is extra handy for the painful act of parallel parking.


Forward-Collision Warning

Forward-collision warning is just one of the amazing new sensory features that use cameras and lasers to gauge the driving situation in front of you and alert you to some potentially harmful crashes. Video and audio signals will keep you at full awareness at all times.


Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Similar to the forward-collision warning, the rear cross-traffic alert lets you stay aware of what is happening behind you. If a vehicle is getting too close to your backend, or a sudden change happens with the traffic situation behind you, you will be alerted with enough time to adjust.


Blind-Spot Monitoring

The dreaded blind spot has been a thorn in driver’s side since the beginning of automotive history, but no longer. The blind-spot monitoring system will signal you with a chime if another vehicle has entered that area that shall not be seen. This feature is much more convenient (and safe) than the quick one-two look.


360-Degree Camera Systems

This birds-eye view system will make driving and maneuvering as smooth as melted butter. Nothing will be able to escape your awareness, and that will make the overall safety of your vehicle skyrocket.


Head-Up Displays

A heads-up display is an exciting and modern feature that allows you to see all the important stats such as speed and navigation without ever taking your eyes off the road. It may seem pointless, but once you have it, you may never want to go back to the old dashboard display.


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Smartphones rule the world these days, especially the mobile giants Apple and Android. That is why this feature is a must-have. Being able to easily connect your phone to your vehicle will make life safer and more entertaining. It is safer because it allows you to make hands free calls and texts, and it’s more entertaining as you can play all your music. With Bluetooth connectivity at an all-time high, this feature is only going to get better.


A USB Port

These days we are always on the go, and our phones and devices are often with us. This means that having a USB port will help keep you both charged and connected to your vehicle.


Voice Controls

No need to take those hands off the wheel when you can just say what you need. Hands-free is essential in staying connected while staying safe on the road.


Comfortable Seating

Driving can be uncomfortable unless you have the right seats. Comfortable seating equals a comfortable drive; it is simple math. This can easily be determined by a test drive of over 15 minutes. Also if you have the means, be sure to invest in other enhancements such as power seats, lumbar support, and the ever so amazing heated seating.


Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control

Sam is hot, and Joe is cold, what do you do? Well with dual-zone climate control that will never be a problem again. This feature allows for you to set a temperature in not one, but two areas of the vehicle and the air or heat will kick in to compensate. All you have to do is set the right temperature and enjoy.


Keyless Entry

Fumble no more. This feature allows you to open the car door no matter how full your hands may be without having to get a key. It works by you just waking up with the key or sensor on your person, and it will allow you entry.


Features You Can Pass On

DVD Player

It may seem cool, but it honestly isn’t worth the money. Generally, the only people who gain use out of this are those that have children, but we live in a modern society where even the youngest of kids have their own tablets and devices to watch their movies on. Invest your money in a feature you will use more often.


Built-In Navigation

If you are planning to invest in Apple CarPlay and Android, then you should not need this feature at all. Both of these smartphones contain a navigation feature that actually works the same if not better than anything they can have built in.


Lane-Keeping Assist

This feature can be helpful, but it is mostly annoying considering it keeps nudging the steering wheel to keep you in line. Just invest in the lane-departure system, and you will get the same sense of security without the constant annoyance.