Auto Body Repairs You Should Always Leave to the Pros

July 2nd, 2015 by

Auto Body Repair

Getting prompt auto body repair after your accident can help you ensure the safety of your vehicle and protect your investment. Yet if your vehicle suffered only minor damage, you may feel tempted to make the repairs yourself to save a little cash.

This is almost always a mistake. You need qualified experts to work on your vehicle to ensure that the repairs are performed properly, saving you money down the road. For a trusted and affordable auto body shop, Albany, NY residents know to trust DePaula Chevrolet. We perform the repairs to factory specifications and give you a great deal in the process.

Here are three repairs we perform that you should never attempt yourself:

Paint Touch Ups

A few paint scratches might seem easy to fix, especially when many auto parts store and online retailers sell touch-up kits with paint pens or small tubes and brushes. Yet these repairs can be far more complicated than they seem.

Many of today’s vehicles have exterior finishes that involve two or three coats of paint or sealer. For a basic white exterior, you may have to apply a base coat, a pearlescent coat, and a specialty sealer with shine.

It can be very difficult to match the rest of the paint if you attempt this repair yourself. It’s better to hire the pros since they have the right materials, tools and expertise to achieve a seamless match.

Body Panel Replacement

Body panels can be heavier than they seem. Attempting to remove or replace body panels on your own can result in serious injury since you do not have the right professional tools. Attempting to replace body panels can also cause structural and aesthetic issues for your car if you make any mistakes — which is more likely since you are not a professional.

Structural Damage

Accidents can result in structural damage that you may or may not be able to see. If this damage is not fixed properly, it can make your car vulnerable in future accidents, putting your family at risk. A professional needs to make these repairs to make sure your car is just as strong and safe as it was before your accident.

Your car is too important to try to repair yourself. Doing so jeopardizes the financial investment you have made and the safety of your car. Just go to the auto body shop Albany, NY residents trust — go to DePaula Chevrolet. We’ll have your car looking and running as good as new, and we’ll do it for a fair price.