5 Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy Today

April 19th, 2016 by


Gas money


One of the most expensive aspects of owning a car, other than the initial point of purchase, is keeping up with expected costs. Getting the oil changed, taking care of regularly scheduled maintenance, and even keeping your gas tank full can be costly – not to mention tedious. Whether you are driving an older model year vehicle, or recently purchased a brand new car, chances are there are important steps to saving money that you didn’t even know about. For instance, if we told you that there are five ways you could instantly improve your fuel economy today, would you do it? It can be as simple as laying off the gas when approaching a red light, or getting your car filters in Albany, NY changed regularly, but there are plenty of little steps you can take in order to save BIG.


Reduce Your Fuel Use, Save Money

The equation is a simple one – the less gasoline you use, the more money you will save. Regardless of how simple this may sound, it isn’t a practical option for most people to stop driving their vehicle. After all, getting to work and making money is impossible to achieve without reliable transportation. Luckily, there are ways to save money by improving your car’s fuel economy, and none of them include buying a new car with better EPA ratings. Check out these five easy steps you can take to improve your fuel economy and start saving money today:

  1. Change Your Filter: This is one of the most overlooked regular maintenance tasks by drivers in the United States. It also happens to be one of the least expensive items on your car to replace. If you don’t keep up with your car’s filter by changing it regularly, then your fuel economy is likely suffering. Take your car in and have the filter changed quickly, while you wait. Don’t neglect this simple and low cost repair now, or you may end up having to pay for a costly repair issue down the road.
  2. Pay Attention to Driving Habits: Another simple way to enhance your fuel ratings, is to pay attention to your driving habits. If you see that a light is changing to red, lay off the gas and coast until you approach it. Racing to that thick white line won’t get you to your destination faster, unless that destination happens to be the gas station for your next fill up – which will come sooner than you’d like if you don’t reverse your bad driving habits.
  3. Get Your Oil Changed: Another easy, inexpensive fix for increased fuel economy. The engine of your car needs oil much like your heart requires blood to pump. Don’t put off regularly scheduled oil changes, or you will be paying for it at the pump, and likely at your local repair shop for a much more expensive fix that could have easily been avoided.
  4. Replace Your Spark Plugs: This maintenance item should take place every 30,000 miles or so. If you are experiencing poor fuel economy, then have these checked and replaced if your trusted technician recommends it.
  5. Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated: To round out our list of tips to improve your car’s fuel consumption, we chose an easy and incredibly inexpensive fix. Keeping your tires properly inflated can mean the difference between stopping at the pump twice a week, or only needing to fill up once every seven days. Buy a tire pressure gauge if you don’t already own one, and make it your mission to make your tires happy.

Whenever you are in doubt regarding anything regarding your vehicle’s health, including poor fuel economy performance, bring it in to DePaula for a thorough inspection. If something is preventing your car from performing at its very best, we can help solve it.