5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Body Shop

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When it comes time to have work done on your vehicle, choosing a reputable service center is crucial. Whether you need auto body repair, a simple oil change, or a custom detail, being able to depend on a reliable and trustworthy mechanic makes all the difference. Some drivers shop around for the best deals on the services they need, and hop from one service center to the next, without thinking twice. This strategy may work for a small handful of lucky car owners, but the vast majority of auto body repair bargain hunters end up regretting their flighty choices at one point or another. Finding a service center that you can count on is imperative in order to ensure that your vehicle remains in the best possible condition for as long as you need it to last.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Auto Body Repair Shop

Most buyers put a lot of effort and research into which vehicle they want to buy, prior to heading down to a dealership. Once they settle on the make and model they are most interested in buying, most of these drivers will also research different dealership options, before choosing a location to buy their new or used car. With so much focus and energy channeled into the car buying process, most people forget that it is just as important to find an auto body repair shop or service center that they can trust to care for their new vehicle.

Take a look at five things that drivers consider most important when it comes time to find a service center or auto body repair shop for their car, truck, or SUV.

  1. Convenience: There is nothing convenient about having a car that needs work done, but that doesn’t mean the service center you choose shouldn’t offer you convenience in every possible way. Finding a shop that is centrally located, so that you can easily access it from your home or office, is one of the most important factors to consider. Just as important as location, are the hours of operation. Finding a reputable service center is great, but it won’t do you much good if their hours don’t match your availability. A service center with a convenient location, and convenient hours, is an auto body repair shop you know you will be able to count on when it matters most.
  2. Amenities: Whether you are having regularly scheduled maintenance, such as a quick oil change, or your vehicle requires a longer service, such as new brake installation, choosing a service center with customer-focused amenities matters. That bargain auto body repair shop may have a great deal on a quick-lube this week, but standing in their smelly lobby for those twenty minutes can feel like a lifetime. A service center that cares about its customers should have a designated waiting space with complimentary amenities such as Wi-Fi connectivity, TVs, hot coffee, and at the very least – vending machines for when hunger strikes. The couple of dollars you may save by going to the garage down the road, isn’t worth the inevitable headache you will leave with, after inhaling exhaust fumes for twenty minutes.
  3. Customer Service: An automotive repair shop can boast the most impressive prices, great hours, and stellar technicians – but if their staff does not make you feel welcome, none of that matters. The foundation for any successful business is outstanding customer service, and an auto body repair shop is no exception. When you walk through the door of a service center, you should always be made to feel welcome, understood, and have your concerns addressed with care. You wouldn’t continue to visit a restaurant with a poor wait staff, so why would you put up with those same antics from an auto body repair shop? Customer service is key, especially when finding a reputable service center to take care of your most essential and prized possession.
  4. Certified Technicians: Any garage on the side of the highway can claim that their technicians are skilled at what they do, but, as a consumer, you should never take their word for it. A service center worthy of your time, money, and business, will be staffed by highly trained technicians who aren’t just good at fixing cars, but who are certified to do so. If you own a Chevrolet, for example, you can bring your vehicle to a Certified Chevy Service center, to ensure that your car receives the best possible care by experts trained by General Motors. Certified technicians don’t simply pass one training course, but continue to receive education and training throughout their time of employment. In-vehicle technology is constantly changing, which requires service center technicians to be continually educated on the correct way to fix potential problems. Without certified technicians on staff, an auto body shop may not be equipped to properly fix your car. The “play it by ear” approach may work in some industries, but it certainly does not translate to the world of automotive repair.
  5. Rewards Programs: While choosing an auto body repair shop simply because it offers coupons and savings is not recommended, it is always a bonus to find a reputable service center that rewards its customers for their loyalty. Several reputable service centers provide incentives for drivers to continue bringing their vehicles in for regular maintenance and unexpected repairs. Having such programs in place gives drivers added peace of mind that their vehicle is well cared for by a repair shop that plans to service their automotive needs for years into the future.

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