5 Reasons NOT to Sell Your Car Privately

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The process of selling your car to a private seller can be tedious. Taking the time to advertise the fact that you are selling it, and then having to carve out space in your busy schedule to meet with potential buyers can be frustrating. The worst part of the process is taking time off work to meet with a buyer, only to have them stand you up. Unfortunately, this happens more than you would think, and it is just one of the reasons why selling privately is a major pain. Dealerships like DePaula Used Cars are on a mission to eliminate this tedious task, and wants you to sell us your car. No obligations to buy another one, and no gimmicks. Just a straight-forward written offer to buy your car. Pretty awesome, right?


Reasons NOT to Privately Sell your Car




If you have looked into the value of your vehicle, or the car-selling process at all, then you probably are aware that the maximum earning potential exists in the private market. While selling your car on your own may seem like it is worth the extra cash, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration before donning your best sales hat. Check them out below:

  1. Time Consuming: Selling a car takes time, a lot of time. More often than not, selling a vehicle privately can quickly equal the same amount of hours as a part time job. If you are already working full-time, these extra hours that are now required of you can be impossible to commit to. By selling your vehicle to DePaula Used Cars for cash, you can spend your free time doing the things you enjoy – which we would bet, does not include being a car salesman.
  2. Impractical: There are great online tools nowadays for drivers to sell their vehicles privately, but sometimes the best way to get a vehicle sold is through good old fashioned advertising. We aren’t talking about taking out a prehistoric ad in the newspaper (do those still even exist?), but rather parking your car on a heavily-congested street corner during peak rush hour. This may be possible for you to do, but if this vehicle is your only mode of transportation, it is not only improbable, but impossible. Displaying your car in a highly visible location for potential buyers to see is a crucial component to selling your car privately. If you can’t swing it, it might take longer for you to find a buyer.
  3. Tedious: Earlier we touched briefly on the notorious “no-show” buyer. More often than not, these individuals see your ad online, and request that you meet them somewhere far away so they can check out your vehicle. After assuring you they will be there, you end up going home having wasted two hours and a half a tank of gas – not to mention the time you potentially requested off from work to meet these self-proclaimed “highly interested” buyers.
  4. Potentially Dangerous: Anytime you are selling an item that is worth more than a few hundred dollars, your likelihood of becoming the victim of a scam increases. While this is certainly the exception and not always the rule, private car sellers are more susceptible to becoming the target of a scammer. Whether this means ripping you off financially, or otherwise, it is certainly a factor to consider when deciding whether or not to sell your car yourself.
  5. A Liability: When you buy a car from a dealership, your purchase is protected in case anything goes wrong. The same goes for selling your vehicle to a dealership. At DePaula, we thoroughly inspect every vehicle prior to purchasing it, and if something is found after the fact, we are on the hook for the repair. When you sell to a private buyer, you are responsible for disclosing any potential issues, and can be held liable if you sold a car that ended up having major issues. The buyer can try to get their money back, or go after you in a civil lawsuit if they suspect that you neglected to share certain information about the car with them. Whether or not that is true doesn’t entirely matter. By selling your car privately, you are opening yourself up to that potential situation.


Play it Safe! Sell DePaula Chevrolet Your Car




At DePaula Used Cars, we understand that selling your car can be a major inconvenience. We also understand that not everyone who is interested in selling their vehicle, is always interested in buying one. That is why we offer you the opportunity to sell us your car, without any obligation to buy one from us. We offer an easy process to determine the value of your vehicle, which can be done in as little as one hour. After a thorough multi-point inspection, we present you with a written offer to buy your vehicle. You will have five days or 500 miles to make your decision, at which point you can bring your car back for a check, or decide to keep your car for the meantime.

As the owner of your vehicle, the selling process you choose is entirely your decision. If you want to take the time to try and sell your vehicle on your own before you bring it in, that is your prerogative. At DePaula Used Cars, we truly have your best interest at heart, so if this is the route you decide to take, we hope you take the necessary precautions in order to do so safely. If you don’t have any luck with your vehicle sale, then we invite you to bring your car, truck, or SUV back into DePaula Used Cars, where we will be happy to give you another cash offer.


DePaula Chevy wants to buy your car even if you don't buy from us


If you aren’t ready to commit the time to either of these endeavors just yet, you can fill out our online appraisal form to get a general idea of what we would offer you for your car. You can take that number, and decide if the extra time, liability, stress, and headache of selling your vehicle privately is worth it, or you can come down to DePaula Used Cars and leave with a check in your hand today.

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