5 Mistakes People Make When In Need Of Auto Service

July 27th, 2016 by




We’ve all been there before – maybe you hit a pothole, or bumped a curb, or took a bad landing, and your vehicle has started to act funny. The effect of this, however, can be less than amusing – and can even lead to serious damage to your vehicle. When it’s time for you to seek out auto service, there’s no avoiding the inevitable – and your car will let you know that, either with a nasty noise or some screwed-up handling.

Eventually, your vehicle is going to need quality auto service in Albany, NY – but for some drivers, this is just the start of a series of bad choices. Whether it’s choosing a shoddy repair job or spending way too much on work that’s probably unnecessary in the first place, finding good auto service can be tough for plenty of drivers – but luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.

With hundreds of horror stories and decades of dealing with mechanics around the world, the collective automotive world has managed to suss out a few of the worst mistakes many drivers make when first making the move toward getting some service for their vehicles. Here’s a look at a few of the top five wrong turns many drivers make, and just how you can avoid making the same errors in order to get your car back on the road in top form without losing all your money – or your marbles.


Ignoring The Problem

While Occam’s razor might suggest that the simplest solution to a problem might be the right one, anybody who’s applying that to car service is probably not understanding the concept – especially if the “simplest solution” is simply doing nothing about the problem at all. But believe it or not, many drivers choose to simply ignore their car’s grinding, wheezing, or uneasy handling for weeks, months, and even years – all adding to the danger of being on the road with an unsound vehicle, not to mention adding to the repair bill when something finally goes kaput. That’s why ignoring your vehicle’s needs for service is always a terrible idea – not only will you simply save money on repairs now than if you wait until it’s an emergency, but you’ll also have a better chance of catching the problem before it even grows to a much worse issue.

Smart drivers know that nothing catches problems before they get out of hand quite like routine maintenance, preferably through a certified mechanic specializing in your brand of vehicle. These experts can identify weak points in your vehicle’s systems and make corrections long before it affects your vehicle’s performance. Not only is this method much safer, but the money you’ll spend on basic maintenance pales in comparison to the cost of expensive repairs later on down the line. Do yourself a favor and pay attention to your vehicle – it might just save you some serious cash.


Trying To Fix It Yourself


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It would be remiss to say that no basic maintenance or repair job can be done at home – in fact, plenty of simple tasks, like changing wiper blades or fixing interior upholstery, can be done easily and efficiently in the comfort of your driveway and those bold enough to take them on should feel empowered to do so. When the job gets more complex, however, more meddling could actually lead to disaster. Take your engine, for example – not only is the thing probably too heavy for you to really deal with anyway, but it’s also got enough moving parts and tiny pieces that anyone who’s not an expert could have serious trouble getting everything back in its right place. For the majority of drivers, trying to make repairs yourself is likely to lead to only more problems later on – so it’s best to let a professional do what they do best and not tempt fate for the sake of your ego.


Going In Blind

Although it’s usually a bad idea to tinker around with systems of your vehicle you’re not familiar with, it’s almost always a good idea to try and at least understand the issue before you bring it in for service. Too often, drivers go into the mechanic with no clue what the problem could be, and this leads to overspending on unnecessary repairs if your mechanic is less-than-reputable.

Pay attention to your vehicle’s sounds and operation, and with a basic internet search you’re more than likely to at least get a read on what might be causing your vehicle such trouble and what repairs you’ll need to fix it. This kind of knowledge can be a powerful tool when discussing service with a mechanic, and could save you from paying for more than what your vehicle actually needs.


Choosing “Cheap” Over “Good”




Times are tight, and everybody’s looking to save money – and for auto service, this is no exception. It would be crazy not to seek out the best deals and most affordable options when searching for auto service, but all too often drivers choose “value” over quality. For these drivers, the money saved by skimping out on service might very well be spent later fixing the shoddy repair job, and could’ve been put to one quality repair to begin with. Point being: find a mechanic that fits your budget, and make sure the work is up to snuff before choosing somewhere cheaper.


Not Doing The Whole Job


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Obviously, nobody likes to spend a fortune on auto service – and these days, it’s easier than ever to save, save, save. Mechanics everywhere are finding new ways to deliver excellent service to those in need, even offering partial repairs to help save clients money on particularly big jobs. Take, for example, an engine rebuild, which only replaces and cleans the parts of the engine that need immediate care – this can save clients big money on parts that their engines don’t need replaced anyway, and help some drivers get back on the road fast with a perfectly good repair under the hood.

It can be easy, however, to think that doing a job halfway will mean a longterm solution. Although it might be tempting to try and save money wherever you can, it’s important to think long-term about your vehicle’s condition, and plan for years in the future, not just weeks. Sometimes, getting the job done in full is the right call, even if it costs more money – just be sure to consider your options and think about what’s really needed to meet those miles in the future.

So whether you’re struggling to find good, affordable auto service or simply have no idea where to begin, keep these basic bad choices in mind and make sure to get your auto service done to match your needs – and get ready to keep your car going, and going, and going.