3 Ways to Keep Your Used Chevy Truck in Good Condition

January 28th, 2016 by

There are a lot of used Chevy trucks  on the roads, especially the Silverado. However, it’s not just because of the durable and rugged nature of these vehicles; it’s because they’ve been properly cared for over the years. If you treat a Chevy right, chances are you will have it for a long time. There are many consumers out there who would trust a used Chevy with high mileage that was well-cared for over a newer Chevy that was poorly maintained for two years; and they aren’t wrong to do so.

In order to keep your used Chevy truck in good condition, and running for a long time, there are 3 things you need to be vigilant about.

Pay Attention to Odd Noises

First, pay attention to any odd noises. These are typically an indicator something is wrong with your truck. A squeaky tire could mean you need new brakes or a ball joint is bad, or a shuddering sound from under the hood might indicate a transmission problem. Regardless of what you hear, it’s important to diagnose it and get it fixed right away. Chances are your used Chevy was a work vehicle, and therefore it’s been through some pretty stressful stuff in it’s lifetime.

This doesn’t make it a bad vehicle, it just means it’s important that you pay attention to any strange noises. Because if your truck worked a lot, and you still use it for work, things are likely to break more often. However, if you are vigilant about regularly checking and maintaining your used Chevy truck, then you shouldn’t be hearing any weird noises at all.

Regularly Check/Maintain your Truck

Oil and transmission fluid are the life-blood of your vehicle, the tires are its limbs, and the frame its bones. Just like us, if any one of those things are out of whack; our entire body could struggle to work properly. Therefore, it’s crucial that you are constantly checking and maintaining your vehicle. Check your oil and transmission fluid once a month, and if it needs to be changed or is low, don’t hesitate to rectify the issue. Always check your tires for any cracks or leaks, and get it fixed right away. This will save you a headache when a low-pressure tire inevitably blows when going over rough terrain. While your at it, make sure to check the brakes, rotors, and calipers as well.

The point is, your used truck needs everything in good condition to run properly. Maintaining your truck monthly is key if you want it to last a lifetime. Taking the extra time to regularly check and maintain your vehicle could be the deciding factor that lets it keep running for another 10 years; opposed to neglecting it and only having it around for a couple.

Go Easy On It

Finally, go easy on it. Chevy trucks are tough, it’s true; but they aren’t invincible. One of the quickest ways to kill a used truck is by overworking it. Plow too much snow with it one season, and come spring you might find your transmission is shot thanks to the constant gear-shifting. Grab too much firewood in one load, and you could lose your rear-shocks or leaf springs.

When you start it up in the morning, don’t just jump in and tear down the road. Give it time to warm up and let the oil and transmission fluid get where it needs to go, your engine and transmission will both repay you with years of reliable service. Also, don’t drive around like the back end of your truck is on fire. There is no need to do 0-60 mph in 3 seconds (that’s exaggerated a bit, but you know what I mean). It will shorten the engine and transmission’s life expectancy — it’s a truck, not a drag car — for them, slow and steady wins the race, and lets them keep doing what they do best for years to come: work.

The point is, wear and tear is okay on a vehicle, especially a truck. They are built for work, but don’t create unrealistic expectations for it. If you do treat it like this, expect to hear some odd noises coming from under the hood, and the regular maintenance you need to do on it get more expensive and time consuming. These three ways to keep your truck healthy are all connected, and you can’t have a truck in good condition if you only opt to worry about one of them.

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