3 Benefits of Buying a Certified Preowned Car

January 13th, 2016 by

The used car market gets almost just as much traffic as the new market now and days. No doubt thanks to the slew of certified preowned cars in Albany NY found in various dealerships. These certified preowned cars are more expensive than the other used cars lying around, but there are reasons as to why.

Best part is, the reasons are good ones! You will find that there are more benefits when it comes to buying a certified preowned vehicle as opposed to a run-of-the-mill used car. Here are three of the lesser-known benefits when it comes to buying a certified used car.

It’s A Money Saver

This may sound strange, especially since CPO vehicles are typically more expensive than similar models that haven’t been certified. So, allow me to explain:

It all starts with low interest financing, and that’s something that non-certified used cars are unable to receive, and something that’s typically offered only on a new car. However, with a CPO vehicle you can get the same type of low financing rate offered on a new car, combined with an overall price that’s closer to a used car. This creates a “best of both worlds” scenario when it comes to financing a vehicle; because you get a car that runs and acts like new for a much lower financing rate.

This lower financing rate is called incentive financing, and it’s provided by the manufacturer. They will offer this low APR to qualifying consumers who wish to purchase a CPO car. The low financing rate (which can be as low as 0.9% depending on the manufacturer) helps offset the more expensive overall cost of the vehicle.

Overall, you are getting a better deal on the loan where it would otherwise hurt the most. With a much lower APR than the typical 6.99% charged on a loan.

Free Maintenance

A lesser known benefit that comes part of the CPO program is free maintenance for a certain period of time or mileage. Typically, this free maintenance is included during the certification process of the vehicle. This little perk might only cover things like oil changes or tire rotations, which are part of regular maintenance intervals set by the dealer, but it still saves a decent amount of money over that amount of time.

On top of free maintenance, owning a certified preowned vehicle also means having a free inspection conducted by the dealership.

Roadside Assistance

The free maintenance and extended warranty isn’t enough for your peace of mind, and the manufacturers know that. Which is why with most CPO programs 24-hour roadside assistance is rolled into the warranty, and effective for the same amount of time. Best part is? This service is free.

It can cover owners who might run out of gas, need a jump start, pop a flat tire, or any other roadside emergencies you can think of. It even covers if you lock your keys out of your car.

Many More Benefits

Keep in mind, these are just 3 of the lesser known benefits when it comes to buying a certified preowned car. With the extended warranty protection, new-car feel for used-car price, and peace of mind knowing you are driving around in a rigorously inspected/repaired vehicle. You can enjoy these three added benefits that you might not have known about.

Always make sure to check the benefits and warranties offered when purchasing a CPO vehicle, that way you know exactly what you’re covered for. I bet you’ll be surprised to see what else could be offered.