2017 Chevy Sonic LTZ: Top-Tier Tech, For Fun And Safety

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2017 Chevrolet Sonic


Technology is a miraculous thing – built to both make our lives safer and more secure, but also more fun and enjoyable along the way. With every advance and every giant leap forward, our experience with life gets a little bit better – and with drivers spending more and more time on the road, this has naturally extended into our vehicles. These days, it’s easier than ever to find advanced entertainment, connectivity, and – most importantly – safety technology standard or available in even the most affordable options. That means better tech for everyone, which leads to safer roads and happier drivers behind every steering wheel – and Chevy’s been leading the charge every step of the way.

Take, for instance, the 2017 Chevy Sonic, a superior, tech-rich vehicle that’s ready to herald in the modern age of driving with a flair that’s distinctly Chevy. Available now at your Chevy dealer in Albany, NY, the 2017 Sonic is a modern machine truly ready to help you be the happiest and safest driver you can be, and it’s all thanks to Chevy’s commitment to giving drivers the latest and greatest of what automotive tech has to offer.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best tech drivers can expect in the new 2017 Sonic, and a peek at just how easily this advanced tech can transform your drive into an adventure to be envied.


Quality Entertainment Tech


2017 Chevy Sonic LTZ Tech


Want to blast all your favorite music, stay connected on the road, and keep all your passengers satisfied during even the longest road trips? The 2017 Sonic is ready to make that a reality, packing a wide variety of entertainment tech to keep you rolling in style no matter where you find yourself. Whether it’s the best music in your collections, navigation to get you where you’re going, or connectivity you’re searching for, the 2017 Sonic has got it all – meaning you can ride with style and never leave your life behind just because you’re out on the road.

A standard 7-inch-diagonal infotainment system comes fully loaded and designed to support the latest connectivity technologies, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This, along with the Sonic’s available 4G LTE Wi-Fi throughout the cabin, allows you and seven of your passengers to connect with Chevy’s MyLink system to stream all your favorite tunes, use hands-free controls to send and receive messages and calls on the road, and access high-speed internet from any position in the Sonic. Whether you’ve got MP3 players, phones, or tablets, you and all your guests can keep connected on the road like never before – and it’s all thanks to Chevy’s commitment to top-tier tech for driver enjoyment.


Built To Keep You Safe


2017 Chevy Sonic LTZ Light


From front to back, the 2017 Sonic is built to keep you as safe as possible. Whether it’s advanced architecture designed to take impact and absorb energy, advanced safety features to keep you protected in the event of a collision, and even preventative tech to help avoid accidents before they happen, the 2017 Sonic is fully loaded with all the best modern safety tech to keep you in good hands no matter how far you roam.

Ten standard air bags and advanced seatbelts all work in tandem to make sure you and your guests all stay safely in place in the event of a collision, reducing whiplash and stabilizing everyone for total safety after the accident. Stabilitrak electronic stability control and an antilock braking system both work in seamless combination to help keep your Sonic on good footing in even the worst conditions, and provide better traction on slick and slippery roads than vehicles that lack such tech.

And although the Sonic’s low viewpoint and stable wheelbase give you easy visual access to the road around you, we all know those blind spots can be particularly dangerous at high speeds. That’s why the 2017 Sonic packs impressive preventative tech like Forward Collision Alert, which automatically alerts you to a sudden stop ahead, and Lane Departure Warning, which keeps a close eye on those blind spots and alerts you to any oncoming cars before you start to merge. Drivers in the 2017 Sonic will also find a standard rear vision camera in their Chevy, as well as available Rear Park Assist to make sure those tight parking spaces and difficult maneuvers are easier and safer than ever.


Those Subtle Touches


2017 Chevy Sonic LTZ Front


While much of the most impressive technology found on the new Sonic is pretty easy to spot at first glance, some of the best features lie just beneath the surface – and it’s that attention to detail that makes the 2017 Sonic such a remarkable choice for today’s drivers.

Just check out the all-new LED signature lighting around the exterior, which adds that extra flair for a sleek, distinctive look out on the road. This works in tandem with the standard projector-beam headlamps and the available LED daytime running lamps to bring both function and form to this sporty, compact model. And by taking a seat on the inside, you’ll find that a new, detailed gauge cluster incorporating an analog speedometer helps you keep a close watch on your car’s internal operations, alerting you to any engine or system issues as soon as they happen, while convenience features like keyless start-and-go help you get on the road quicker with the simple push of a button. The 2017 Sonic is also the first model in its segment to offer a power driver’s seat, meaning easier adjustments on the road so you can sit back easy and enjoy the ride ahead. And feel free to opt for the available heated steering wheel – it’ll make chilly winter morning drives something to look forward to.

So whether you’re a longtime Chevy lover or simply a big fan of all the latest. greatest tech in the automotive world, there are few models that make such an impressive show of technological prowess as the 2017 Chevy Sonic. Get yourself in contact with DePaula Chevrolet today and see for yourself just how satisfying a ride in a 2017 Sonic can be – and don’t be afraid to try out the tech.

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