2016 Chevy Silverado: The Top Truck Searched Online in 2015

January 25th, 2016 by

Out of all the Chevy trucks for sale online, the one that was most searched might not come as a surprise. The Silverado was not only Chevy’s most searched truck searched online in 2015; but also the top truck overall. It was also the second vehicle searched most overall, placing second only to the Malibu. In particular, it was the 2016 Silverado that was Googled the most. Even though the F-150 is still outselling the Silverado, the sales of the F-150 went down by 2.4 percent. While Silverado sales went up by 14.6%, which is no doubt directly connected to the increase in online searches.

However, the F-150 is still outselling the Silverado. So, what makes the Silverado so special? Why is it the top searched truck online? No doubt its thanks to the major upgrades it’s received on the 2016 model year.

New Look

It wouldn’t be surprising if consumers were searching for the Silverado simply because of it’s redesign. Compared to Ram and Ford trucks, Chevy’s 2016 redesign is the most prominent, and it really stands out.

The Silverado has a much flatter nose than its competitors, and it makes it look much more defined. Chevy’s signature split-grille design really helps with this new look, providing a much more stylish approach compared to the typical front-end of a truck. The new LED headlights and daytime running lights give it the proper amount of flash, allowing the Silverado to stand out day or night. They aren’t nearly as big as the headlights on the F-150 or Ram, but just as bright. Their smaller size allows them to sit comfortably on the front-end, giving it an elegant accent that’s hard to ignore.

The look for the Silverado follows suit from there; the rest of it being a simple but elegant design. This doesn’t mean it looks weak, it actually looks stronger than ever. The Silverado has a strength that comes from powerful flowing contours, like the ones on the hood and quarter panels, that combine with a simple ruggedness. The end result: a Silverado that creates the perfect aesthetic appeal for the 2016 market. A design that alludes to the famous durability of this truck, along with an elegance that hints at the luxury waiting inside.

Not only does it look durable; but it’s engineered durably as well.

Dependable Design

Another reason it could have been searched is for its engineering. More specifically, it’s high-strength steel body. The Silverado has used high-strength steel to keep people safe, and the truck durable and long-lasting, since it’s inception. In 2016, that fact remains true. In a world of aluminum-alloy bodied trucks, it’s not surprising many consumers are curious as to why the Silverado is still using a high-strength steel frame.

In a video where the Chevy Chief Engineer Eric Stanczak discusses the design of the Silverado, we learn a few important reasons as to why it’s still made out of high-strength steel. But before we jump into that, it’s important to note that the Silverado isn’t aluminum free. Stanczak still said the Silverado has aluminum in a few key areas to help with reducing weight and improve efficiency, such as the hood. But overall, the tried and true Chevy manufacturing process is used, and it incorporates the generous use of high-strength steel.

Other trucks, like the F-150, incorporate rivets, adhesive, and aluminum in their manufacturing process. It might make the truck lighter, but it’s a newer manufacturing process. Therefore, this possesses some new problems when it comes to repairing the truck, and the repair cost is actually higher than a truck made with primarily high-strength steel. Stanczak says it requires bodyshops to invest in new tools and training in order to repair a truck made from mainly aluminum. Bottomline: it requires more money and time to have a truck repaired that has an aluminum body.

Just so you don’t think it’s a biased opinion, Chevy hired an independent firm, AMCI Testing, in order to lend credit to this concept. The test consisted of replicating a bigger truck backing into the side of the Silverado and F-150. Both trucks suffered the same damage, and both trucks went to similar shops. The result? The F-150 took 34 more days to fix, and cost $1,755 more for the same repair.

For those of you wondering why Chevy still uses high-strength steel, there’s your answer. Chevy’s tried and true manufacturing process not only creates a durable and long-lasting vehicle, but also makes repairing it much easier than the other trucks with aluminum.

Upgraded Technology

Now and days, trucks can no longer just succeed on their work-capability. There’s now a demand from consumers, thanks to technological advancements, that trucks also need to be modern inside as well. Therefore, it’s no surprise that consumers might want to know how technology-friendly the Silverado is compared to the other trucks on the market.

Leading the way in technology is Chevrolet MyLink, which has become an infamous technological accessory in modern Chevy vehicles. Best part is, it’s been upgraded. The upgraded Chevrolet MyLink now offers support for Apple CarPlay, now pleasing both Apple and Android fans. The Apple CarPlay allows you to use the 8-inch diagonal color touch-screen display to access certain iPhone apps. This is a breakthrough for Chevy, because now it will attract a wider range of consumers. The buzz generated in 2015 about the Silverado getting Apple CarPlay is no doubt a huge factor that contributed to it’s status of most searched truck online.

Even though the integration of Apple CarPlay was the only major hype for upgraded technology, it’s still a big one. Especially when you consider just how attached people are to their phones. It allows Chevy to branch into a new avenue of the market.

Better Performance

Even if trucks are becoming more luxurious and include more modern technology, the main purpose for trucks is still work. This is a huge factor in determining which truck to purchase, and consumers are always curious as to which one out of the big three, Ford, Chevy, or Ram, is pulling ahead in the competition. In an attempt to grab a slight edge for 2016, Chevy gave the Silverado a performance upgrade for. The main purpose was to help with the towing capability of the Silverado.

The Silverado kept the same engines as it’s predecessor, but received a new transmission. Transmissions are always overlooked when it comes to performance in a truck; everybody wants to know torque and horsepower. But, the new 8-speed offered by Chevy is about to show you why transmissions are considered important. With the V8 engines, the new transmission is able to provide a shorter first gear than before, which provides better acceleration and faster torque delivery. Engine performance is important for towing, but without the proper transmission there is no way for it to be delivered effectively to the wheels. Along with improved towing, the new transmission also provides better fuel economy in higher gears for cruising on the highway, as well as giving it a little more zip than it’s predecessor.

Performance, especially towing, is the main point of a truck. Without it, the truck would lose a huge part of it’s working capability. Therefore, consumers want to know how the trucks perform. Combine that knowledge with a transmission upgrade, and you have another reason as to why the Silverado attracted so much attention online in 2015.

4 Major Upgrades

The last full redesign of the Silverado was not that long ago, 2 or 3 years if I recall. The fact that Chevy made 4 major upgrades to the Silverado in such a short amount of time is most certainly a major factor as to why Chevy sales spiked-up by 14.6%, and no doubt the primary reason for all the online attention in 2015. In the cut-throat truck market, any type of change or upgrade is covered and displayed to the masses immediately.

Which is probably the reason the Silverado was the top searched truck online in 2015. 4 huge upgrades in such a short amount of time is big news in the truck world, for friends and foes alike. Both sides want to know about it, and whether people were Googling the Silverado in hatred or excitement, the Silverado certainly created some waves in 2015.