2016 Chevy Camaro Inspires Unique Clothing Line

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You’ll see different types of cars serve as inspiration for a number of creative projects, whether it be on television, print, or on the big screen. However, have you ever heard of a car brand inspiring a line of clothing?

Chris Demorro of ISXTV.com passes along the story of one entrepreneur whose clothing line if a head nod to the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. Continue reading to learn more about the businessman’s innovative idea…


Entrepreneur Tommey Walker Jr. has teamed by with Chevrolet to produce a clothing line inspired by the 2016 Camaro. Based on the ‘Camaro vs. Everybody’ mantra, the clothes are influenced by the upcoming sports car and, as Demorro explains, “the reinvention of the Motor City.” Years ago, the ‘Detroit vs. Everybody’ slogan took the city by storm, and Walker’s new motto is a revamped version.

“Detroit vs. Everybody started as a way to express pride in my hometown,” said Walker, a Detroit native. “Camaro vs. Everybody serves the same purpose for Camaro fans, who know their favorite sports car is second to none.”

The clothing line is intended to recognize the Camaro being named Motor Trend’s 2016 Car of the Year, and the “vs. Everybody” sentiment is supposed to signify the nameplate’s reinvigorated rivalry against competing brands and models.

“With the all-new Camaro, the team set out to transcend the traditional ‘pony car’, and deliver a world-class performance car, regardless of segment,” said Steve Majoros, marketing director for Chevrolet cars. “The Camaro is a worthy contender for any performance car, which is perfectly summed up by Tommey Walker’s trademark design.”


Shoppers can visit DetroitVsEverybody.com to check out Walker’s products. The website offers any kind of apparel you could possibly want, including options for men, women and children. There are even hoodies, hats… even baseball jerseys! A standard men’s t-shirt is priced at $34.99.

The shirts have already been repped by a number of Detroit-based celebrities. Legendary rapper Nas showcased his shirt at “Detroit’s premier nightclub, The White House,” while Eminem made the slogan mainstream via his hit “Detroit vs. Everybody.” The shirts have been featured on a number of programs since its debut in 2012, including The Colbert Report and American Idol.

“It’s a clothing line. It’s a song now. But it really is a mentality,” said rapper Big Sean. “People from the D… they carry that around on their shoulders.”

Detroit Lions first-rounder Laken Tomlinson echoed that sentiment.

“It just shows our mentality toward everything that we believe in right now — the kids from Detroit, the fans of Detroit and everything that the city has been through,” he said.

Need one more example of how the clothing line is being received in Detroit? City mayor Mike Duggan knew he had to run for office upon seeing the shirts, according to Walker’s website.


It’s always interesting to see the ways automobiles inspire others. In this case, the Camaro’s success is indicative of the city, and Detroit’s natives are proud to celebrate their home. We wouldn’t be surprised if this slogan is ultimately adopted by the company.

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