10 Reasons Why the Colorado is King of the Compact Pickups

February 18th, 2016 by


Chevy Colorado


It may not seem like there is a large need for compact pickup trucks here in America, but the small segment has been growing in popularity in recent years. The Chevrolet Colorado is one of the few compact pickups available at dealerships here in the United States, and its presence is very much welcome by drivers who need the practicality of a full-size pickup, without the bulkiness that comes along with it. For the latest model year, the 2016 Chevy Colorado isn’t just proving that there is a need for compact pickups, it is also proving that it’s the number one choice among buyers in the segment.

The Chevy Colorado was first introduced in 2004, and replaced the Chevrolet S-10 compact pickup when it arrived on the scene. Named after the state known for outdoor adventure, the Colorado pickup has been a popular choice amongst buyers in this segment since it first launched over a decade ago.

Since the Chevy Colorado first became available, other compact pickups have popped in and out of production trying to keep up. Over and over again, we have seen that these competitors simply cannot offer the same versatility and functionality that the Colorado brings to the table. With plenty of Best in Class features and amenities, the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado is the clear frontrunner when it comes to compact or small pickup trucks.


10 Reasons the Chevy Colorado Outshines the Competition


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In the world of compact pickup trucks, there are certain models that stand out over the rest. Drivers shop in the compact pickup segment for many reasons. The main reason behind why drivers purchase a compact pickup over a full-size truck, is that it offers more versatility on the road. Drivers are able to go farther with increased fuel economy, and even maneuver into places where full-size trucks simply can’t fit.

Regardless of why you may want to drive a compact pickup truck, we have the rundown of why you should by the 2016 Colorado, over the competition.

  1. Truck of the Year:

    This is not only an impressive accolade, but one of the most prestigious honors bestowed upon any vehicle in its lifetime. The Chevy Colorado has not just been named Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year one time, but twice. That’s right – the compact pickup from Chevrolet has earned this honor two years in a row for the 2015 and 2016 model year. We put this first for two reasons – 1: This is the most prestigious honor handed out in the automotive industry, and 2: If you aren’t much of a reader, you can stop now. This is all you really need to know about why you should buy a Chevy Colorado and not some other compact pickup.

  2. Best in Class Horsepower:

    Oh good, you are still with us. We humbly accept your challenge, and now we will work to further convince you that the Colorado is king of the compact pickups. Offering an available best in class horsepower rating of 181, and a best in class 369 lb.-ft. of torque, the Colorado outperforms all other trucks on the road with its Duramax 2.8-liter Turbo-Diesel Engine.

  3. Best in Class Towing:

    Right alongside that best in class horsepower and torque, the 2016 Colorado also manages a best in class towing capacity of 7,700 pounds. That’s enough power to haul your boat, trailer, and even your family camper. Still not convinced? Keep reading…

  4. Best in Class Fuel Economy:

    Okay, this is a point that is bound to impress even the most stubborn of skeptics. This compact pickup truck manages a best in class fuel economy rating of 22 miles per gallon in the city, and 31 miles per gallon on the highway. A number typically seen only in cars, the Colorado is sure to keep you on the road longer, and more money in your wallet as a result.

  5. Incredible Technology:

    Chevy Colorado interior

    The Chevy Colorado is the first ever truck in its segment to offer 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity. This available feature can keep up to seven devices connected on the go, no matter where the road takes you. A large 8-inch color touchscreen display is also available on the 2016 Colorado, complete with turn by turn Navigation, hands-free calling with Apple CarPlay, and the Chevy MyLink infotainment system.

  6. Impressively Safe:

    If best in class power, performance, fuel economy, and technology hasn’t persuaded you – then let’s discuss the Colorado’s safety technology. All 2016 Colorado pickups come standard with a  rear vision camera, and offer advanced safety systems such as Forward Collision Alert, and Lane Departure Warning. Oh – and with the Colorado’s standard OnStar Automatic Crash Response for six months, your pickup will automatically turn off the fuel pump, unlock the doors, and turn on interior and hazard lights for ultimate visibility in the event of a collision.

  7. Quieter than the Competition:

    The 2016 Colorado is the first pickup in its segment to feature triple sealed inlaid doors, for a quieter ride even at high speeds. Thicker windshield and side glass keeps outside noise right where it should be – outside. All of this works together to make the 2016 Colorado the quietest midsize pickup on the road today.

  8. Price:

    With as much as the new Colorado offers, you might be quick to assume that this pickup is also one of the most expensive in its class. That assumption would be wrong. The base 2016 Chevrolet Colorado pickup has a starting MSRP of just $20,100. To put things into perspective, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma starts at $23,300, while Honda’s latest entry into the segment, the Ridgeline, is expected to start right around $30,000.

Comparing Pickups

While there really are two solid entries in the midsize or compact pickup segment for this model year, it is clear that the 2016 Colorado takes home the top prize over the Toyota Tacoma. With everything that it offers at such a low starting MSRP, even some full-size pickup truck drivers are turning their allegiance over to the smaller end of the segment.

The 2016 Colorado offers substantial performance and power despite its smaller classification, and drivers in the segment are taking notice.  Many people dismiss the Colorado right out of the gate because it is considered compact or midsize, when the truth is – it packs enough power to get just about any everyday job done.

Test Drive the New Colorado at DePaula Chevrolet!


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If the eight points above have you intrigued, then we invite you to come explore the 2016 Colorado in person at DePaula Chevrolet. Our dealership is equipped with the most knowledgeable staff and sales team in the area, and is here to help you find the perfect new Chevrolet vehicle for your lifestyle.

While you are here, you can even compare the midsize Colorado to the larger Chevrolet Silverado. Seeing these two models side-by-side can help give you a better visual regarding the size difference, and overall appearance of Chevrolet’s pickup truck lineup. We have had drivers come in with the intent to buy the larger Silverado, and end up driving the Chevrolet Colorado home. Don’t make the same mistake! Before making any major automotive purchase, we encourage drivers to explore all of their options, even if they are out of their perceived comfort zone.
When you come down to DePaula Chevrolet, our dedicated team members will help you discover all of the possible vehicles you may be interested in. You never know what you truly want, until you uncover all of the possibilities. Come down and see us today!