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Name: Jason Gerasimovich -- Date: 9-11-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Sales -- Comment: Dealing with people can be difficult,not for Dominick Carrero, he starts with a smile and ends with a firm handshake in confidence he did his job right. My finance terms could not be better. I am thankful for all of his help.

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Name: ERIC COLON -- Date: 09-10-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: DAN PAKATAR- DOM CARRERO -- Comment: I appreciate Dan-s hard work. He was straight up and honest with and helped me find the right truck. He helps out all my family members as well. I am happy to be buying my second truck from him. I hope to continue doing business with Dan. He should be promoted for all the hard work he does.

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Name: Carol Rowehl -- Date: 8-25-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Curt Rowell -- Comment: Curt was so patient with me in helping to select a vehicle that was right for me to be comfortable in.I looked at 3 different vehicles. My purchase of above vehicle is perfect for my needs. Curt not only saw to it that I knew how everything worked but took extra time to make sure this old lady understood the features I wanted. Joe C. was nice to work with also. Thank you.

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Name: JUSTIN BROWN -- Date: 08-25-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: ANTHONY GALLO-DOM CARRERO -- Comment: VERY ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE. YOU GUYS MADE SURE I KNEW ABOUT ALL THE FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF THE TRUCK. I will definitely be back to Depaula Chevrolet.

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Name: DANELSY MENA -- Date: 08-21-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: GEORGE DEJESUS-DOM CARRERO -- Comment: Dominick always goes out of his way for me. This is like the 10th car he has helped me out with. I will always be a Depaula Customer now.

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Name: FRANCISCO HERNADEZ SANCHEZ -- Date: 0821-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: DOM CARRERO- JORGE DEJESUS -- Comment: Dominick always gets me approved. Very happy with my new car

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Name: Wallace Elliott -- Date: 8-20-14 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Alvin Porter-Joe Celone -- Comment: I am very satisfied so far with the service and purchased of the experience at DePaula. Alvin and Joe were very corporative and made things very easy.

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Name: robyn sweet -- Date: 08-20-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: ryan williams-dominick ccarrero -- Comment: Easy Sale, and was fun too! Go to Depaula and see Ryan!

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Name: donnell ROULHAC -- Date: 08-18-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: ANTHONY GALLO-DOM CARRERO-JAY .N. -- Comment: Nothing but A+ FOR EVERYONE. On a scale from 1to 10 you guys are a ten all day.

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Name: John Broderick -- Date: 7-31-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Anthony Gallo-Jayson Newell-Joe Celone -- Comment: Anthony was a constant professional and found me the truck that I was looking for. I felt Anthony was on my side and worked very hard for the sale. Given some unfortunet circumstances, the Depaula team -Anthony Gallo, Jayson Newell, and Joe Celone- were able to work out a great deal and which made me completely satisifed with my experience.

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Name: Anja Carr -- Date: 7-31-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Damien DeDonatis -- Comment: Well my goodness where do I start! I came in concerned and annoyed about repair issues on a previous model and inside of a week after working closely with the ever affable and extremely informed Damian DeDonatis, decided to make a purchase of a new used vehicle. Damian was very efficient and professional. He was very polished when answering our tougher questions and his answers were favorable to us. We can-t wait to hop in our new car and ease on down the highway. We will definitely be trading with DePaula again and look forward to a continued relationship with our friend Damien! Anja Stehr Carr

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Name: Nancy Kapp -- Date: 7302014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Damien DeDonatis- Joe Celeone -- Comment: I had a good experience at this dealership--Damien was interested in my needs in a car and also appreciative of budget limitations in purchasing a car--He was very helpful during the process.----Joe prepared all paperwork for the financing, so I was able to concentrate on the vehicle

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Name: Susan Balmaceda -- Date: 7-29-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Damien DeDonatis- Joe Celeone -- Comment: I enjoyed working with Damien and Joe on purchasing my 2012 Impala. They made it almost effortless -lots of paperwork-. Ok so I emailed Jayson at 6am. I can-t wait to enjoy my homemade bread with some pasta tonight. Thank you Damien.

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Name: THOMAS LETENDRE -- Date: 07-24-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: ROGER-DOMINICK -- Comment: Roger and Dominick were amazing!! Dominick in finance helped me out and put me in a payment I was comfortable with. Roger and Depaula Chevrolet will have my business forever.

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Name: EDWARD NADARESKI -- Date: 07-23-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: ALVIN-DOMINICK -- Comment: Alvin did an excellent job following through with the sale and his word. I will definitely be back and said friends and family because of him.

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Name: Tyler Fawcett -- Date: 7-22-14 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Alvin Porter and Allan -Finance- -- Comment: Everything was great. Sales person made it happen for me just like he said he would. I will be back for my next truck for sure.

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Name: Tim Geren -- Date: 7-22-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Damien DeDonatis and Joe Celone -- Comment: From the moment we arrived our experience was pleasurable and exciting! Our salesman Damien took the time to listen to our needs and what we wanted. Then Proceeded to show us the inventory that meet those needs at our budget !!!!! Great job all the way around Damien DeDonatis ... Then we met Joe Celeone our finance manager at Depaula and what a job he did !!!!! due to past credit problems we weren-t sure we would get the best deal but Joe worked his magic and I must say he pulled a rabbit out of his hat for us LOL !!!! Thank you so much Damien Joe and all the gang at Depaula Chevrolet !!!! Great Job and we will definitely be back again for our next vehicle !!!! ---- Sincerely -- Timothy Geren

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Name: Samantha Fagan -- Date: 7-21-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Roger K-Dominick-Jay Jr. -- Comment: This was my first time buying a car on my own and Roger, Dominick and Jay were so incredibly helpful. I would recommend DePaula for anyone interested in buying or leasing a car.

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Name: Lucas Vandenburgh -- Date: 7-21-14 -- Sales-Service Personnel: fred Albright-Joe Celeone -- Comment: I just bought a new truck at Depaula Chevrolet and the experience was great. I worked with Fred Albright and Joe Celeone. These are a couple great guys. No nonsense, no pressure and they do their best to please the customer. Highly recommended.

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Name: Robert Judge -- Date: 7-21-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Ryan Williams -- Comment: Had a GREAT experience with DePaula Chevrolet. Ryan was absolutely amazing and made the experience very simple and easy to do with no pressure. Even though he is new, he was a joy to work with and will do very well here. Joe Celeone was great with the financing also. Made for a GREAT experience.

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Name: Joseph Pullice -- Date: 7-16-14 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Alvin Porter-Joe C. -- Comment: Alvin and Joe were very personable and professional. They explained details and answered all our questions regarding my vehicle purchase. A very pleasant experience.

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Name: Gerard Leclair -- Date: 7-7-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Mike Donadio-Joe Celeone -- Comment: just want to thank everyone at DePaul Chev. for excellent service and consideration for making buying the new Malibu a pleasure. Special thanks to Mike and Joe.----Again thanks, Gerard -Pete- LeClair

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Name: Francis Mouawad -- Date: 7-7-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Mike Donadio -- Comment: Mike was very patient with me and met all my needs. He was able to get me what I want and into a new Chevy Cruze. Mike has met all my expectations! Very friendly and easy guy to deal with, definitely a good member to have on the Depaula Team

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Name: MICHAEL MILLER -- Date: 07-03-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: ALVIN-DOMINCK -- Comment: VERY ACCURATE AND RIGHT TO THE POINT. Alvin and Dominick answered all my questions I will definitely be back for my next vehicle.

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Name: Tamara Yankowski -- Date: 06302014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Curt Rowell -- Comment: We found the website very useful and helpful when deciding to purchase our new Cruze. The professionalism of Curt R. and Joe C. was apparent from the start of our experience - they listened to what we had to say, what we needed and worked to give us a very good deal. The only suggestion I would make would be for the annoying live chat person on the website to remain in one place rather than moving around the screen as you try to get information on the vehicles. It-s a distraction from the quality of the website.

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Name: Joseph Yankowski -- Date: 06302014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Curt Rowell -- Comment: Having dealt with Curt R. in the past, we knew that we would have a good experience when trading in our 2005 Cobalt. Curt and Joe C. worked with us to make sure we had the right vehicle for our needs and we walked out very satisfied with the level of service that we received.

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Name: elisa g. -- Date: 06-30-14 -- Sales-Service Personnel: dan p -- Comment: We had a wonderful experience buying our 2014 Impala LT2 at DePaula Chevrolet. Our salesman Dan Pakatar was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, patient -and very nice!- and Joe Celeone, the business manager was also patient, knowledgeable and helpful as well. Dan went above and beyond helping us find the best vehicle and at a very competitive and great price. We-re happy to have bought our car from them and would highly recommend this dealer!!

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Name: LINDA FRANK -- Date: 06-30-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: DOMINICK -- Comment: GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Dom In finance was fast efficient and very helpful. I will be back for my next vehicle.

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Name: Randy H -- Date: 6-30-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: James and Dominick -- Comment: I bought a 2014 Silverado from DePaula and couldn-t be more pleased. They took the time to listen to exactly what i wanted. I dealt with James and Dominick and i really appreciated their low pressure-low stress approach. When i came to pick up my new truck both james and dominick spent some time with me to make sure everything was up to my expectations. My experience was so good i will never go anywhere else, and would recommend them to anyone.

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Name: Shohrer Karimpour -- Date: 06-30-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Andy Masino -- Comment: I went to two area dealers in the past few days and BOTH of them turned me off from even buying a vehicle. I met Andy Masino on the lot who seemed extremely professional and didn-t make me feel like I HAD to buy the car right then and there. Andy showed me the vehicle, went over financing options, and actually put me in a higher trim level for the same price just to keep the vehicle in stock! Joe Celeone handled all the paperwork for me and also was extremely professional. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!

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Name: jack davis -- Date: 06-30-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: andy-dominick -- Comment: Andy and Dominick are great. Will be back to Depaula Chevrolet.

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Name: JESSICA MORRIS -- Date: 06-30-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: ALVIN-DOMINICK -- Comment: Depaula Chevrolet gave me a fantastic deal on my new Silverado 1500. The customer service was amazing. Got a great deal. Were also fair on my trade. They did everything they could to get me to the payment I needed, now I-m driving home my dream truck. When you come in ask for Alvin and Dominic.

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Name: robert miller -- Date: 06-30-14 -- Sales-Service Personnel: jeff bedian joe celeone -- Comment: When we first arrived the truck wasn-t ready and to say the lease we weren-t very happy. But then Jeff and Joe stepped up to make the rest of the experience much better. Thank you jeff and Joe again for your patience and professionalism.

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Name: Patrick Harrington -- Date: 6-30-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Allen Scott -Keith Scianna -- Comment: This was our second and last shopping stop. Now I-m about to drive off in my new truck. Easy and a pleasure. Thanks!

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Name: Brian M -- Date: 06-27-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Andy Masino -- Comment: Had an extremely great experience dealing with Andy Masino and Joe Celeone. Andy made the sale easy and didn-t pressure me at all. Would definitely recommend Depaula to friends and family.

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Name: Jo-anne Graziano -- Date: 6-27-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Roger KALLOP -- Comment: Had a fantastic experience with DePaula. Roger was absolutely great- no pressure. Very knowledgeable - a joy to work with. Joe Celeone was great with the financing also. Made for a very good experience!

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Name: Peter Graziano -- Date: 6-27-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Roger KALLOP -- Comment: Had a great experience -- no pressure. All personnel involved were very knowledgeable, very likable. Explained everything in layman-s terms- willing to give us all we asked for. Both Roger and Joe made it an easy and wonderful experience.

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Name: Allen Young -- Date: 6-27-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Curt Rowell -- Comment: This was my first time purchasing a new vehicle. Curt and Joe really made it a satisfying experience. They were very helpful and really made my decision very easy. Everything was explained and I was completely satisfied with my purchase. I would highly recommend DePaula Chevrolet when purchasing a new or used vehicle.

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Name: Donna Yerden -- Date: June 27, 2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Chris Miller-Sales Joe Celeone-Finance -- Comment: I came here referred by my daughter who purchased a Tahoe here 2 years ago. She had a good experience here with Chris Miller as her salesman. I, too, have now purchased an Equinox and have had a good experience with Chris Miller and Joe Celeone. Looking forward to driving my new car! Will keep DePaula Chevrolet in mind for the future and will not hesitate to refer friends and family as well!

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Name: Warren Hedder -- Date: 6-25-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Dennis Miller and Joe C, -- Comment: This is the 5th vehicle is have purchased at DePaula Chevy. Dennis Miller and Joe C. helped me out to get a new lease early. I am very happy and would refer a friend to DePaula Chevy. Thanks for your help all done in one day.

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Name: alta Schallehn -- Date: 6-25-14 -- Sales-Service Personnel: George polino and Dom C -- Comment: Name: alta Schallehn -- Date: 6-25-14 -- Sales-Service Personnel: George polino and Dom C -- Comment: Leasing a car with DePaula was a great experience. George and Dom were super helpful and took their time explaining the process as well as answering my questions.

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Name: George McCormick -- Date: 06-23-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Dennis Miller and Joe Celeone -- Comment: I purchased 2 vehicles at DePaula Chevrolet this is my 2nd vehicle I purchased. I am happy with Dennis Miller and Joe C. the Business manager. They helped me pick up my vehicle in one day. I would recommend them to a friend or anyone I meet for a vehicle purchase. Thank you Dennis and Joe C.

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Name: Brandon Vogel -- Date: June 21st, 2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Chris Miller in Sales, Joe Celeone in Finance -- Comment: Awesome experience in the purchase of my 2014 Chevrolet Equinox. Hugh thanks to Chris Miller in sales, Joe Celeone in finance.--BV in Troy NY

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Name: Steve Wales -- Date: 06-20-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Sales -- Comment: Very quick, called up knowing what I wanted, and they put it all together in one day. Andy M was great, Joe Celeone handled paperwork, and Jayson Newell were extremely helpful. Will recommend with others. Thanks!

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Name: marilyn hammond -- Date: 6-18-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Marc Rosebeck -- Comment: To Tom Restino,----I just want you to know how pleased I am with Marc Rosebecks exceptional service. He never tries to do more to my car than it needs. I never feel like I-m being taken for a ride. He does an exceptional job with his customers.--I always leave DePaulas pleased with his service. I hope he-s there for a long time. Thanks for the great service. ----Marilyn Hammond

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Name: Monya Lampkins -- Date: 6-11-14 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Sales: Alvin Porter and Joe C. -- Comment: I would like to thank Alvin and Joe for the wonderful fast and easy service they provide me with I will also like to thank Alvin for showing the best car. Thank you Joe for getting my loan approve from the bank and make my car payments reasonable.......

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Name: Marissa Ball -- Date: 6-10-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Roger Kallop -- Comment: I came to Depaula looking to get into an Equinox, then seeing other cars on the lot, started looking around a little more, and Roger was extremely helpful and patient with me, taking the time dealing with me for 4 hours trying to pick a vehicle I wanted. Roger and Joe were very friendly with assisting me and getting me the vehicle I finally wanted. Thank you!

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Name: Victoria Carney -- Date: 6-9-14 -- Sales-Service Personnel: george Polino and Joe C -- Comment: My experience at DePaula Chevrolet was excellent. The two young men -George Polino and Joe C- I dealt with was very helpful. It was a very pleasant experience. Im proud to be a Chevy owner! :--

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Name: Stacey Warrings -- Date: 6-3-14 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Chris Miller -- Comment: Nothing but great things to say about Chris Miller and Joe Celone -Finance-! Not only did they stay an hour and a half after the dealership-s posted hours to work with me but they made me feel extremely comfortable with my purchase and excited to make my move into a DePaula car! Chris took very good care of us and made sure to set us up with partners on his team when he had an unexpected client pop up. He continued to check in and make sure that everyone in the building was helping us if we had any questions. It was great to see the comradery in a sales environment. Once the car was chosen, Joe was honest and comforting in reviewing the numbers and protection and made sure to go into as much detail as we needed before we made a decision. We didn-t feel pressured at all and were able to come to a deal that made me nothing but excited to come back and see them again to pick up my car! Thank you so much for all of your help, I would highly recommend this team and look forward to working with them for many years to come!

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Name: Stephanie Sullivan -- Date: June 3rd, 2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Chris Miller -- Comment: I thought Chris was very helpful and very friendly.

- ,

Name: Gina Marcou -- Date: 05-20-2014 -- Sales-Service Personnel: Joe Celeone -- Comment: My experience with Joe, Alvin and Kieth at Depaula was very pleasant. I walked in with a specific car in mind that we saw on the internet. I told them the financial window I needed to stay in and they made the numbers work for me. We are very pleased with their personal service and our new vehicle.

- ,

we have had an awesome experience here buying a certified pre-owned car! The attention to detail and customer service was great, they were so very attentive to our needs. The quick turn around was also very nice - everything was taken care for us and everyone was so very nice and professional.. I would recommend this to friends and family.

2011 Chevy Equinoxm

- kinderhook, ny

Great experience today with Frank Lewandusky and Daniel Forant! They listened to what we wanted and it was a easy deal! Thanks guys!

2011 Silverado

- Ballston Lake, NY

Dennis miller was my sales person and did an excellent job finding the vehicle that we wanted. He made us feel comfortable with no pressure. Daniel Forant did a great a great job in the business office obtaining our interest rate. We have been Capcom customer for hears and Daniel beat their interest rate for us by a full point.

2014 chevrolet camaro

- rotterdam, ny

Allen Scott was terrific to deal with. Allen and Joe Celone assisted us with our purchase. We had a lot of fun negotiating our truck. He was easy to deal with and knew his products.

2012 Cheverolet 2500HD

- Whitehall, New York

Frank Lewenduski was very pleasant to deal with during this transaction. I have recently visited 5 different dealerships in the last several weeks and he was the most courteous.

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Overall best experience I-ve buying a car.Dan Forant and Victor Higgins have been very helpful and no pressure very knowledgeable.

2014 Equinox

- Rennsselaer, New York

George Dejesus did a good job getting me the deal that I wanted. He had me in and out in under 2 hours.----Daniel forant my business manager did a great job obtaining me a solid rate. I would recommend both

2014 chevrolet silverado

- cohoes, ny

Rodger Kallop was my sales consultant. He was very friendly and did a good job getting us the lease that we wanted. I would most definitely highly recommend rodger. --Daniel forant in the business office did a good job with everything.

2014 chevrolet cruze lease

- waterford, ny

The salesman Frank and the business manager Dan F are the best. I had a personal issue and thought I wouldn-t be able to buy the Silverado. I showed up at delivery to let them know that I couldn-t do the deal. I feel truly blessed. They pulled a miracle and redid everything. I am now about to drive home in my awesome new Silverado. If you are going to buy any vehicle, make sure you work with Frank and Dan!!!!!

2014 silverado LT AWESOME!!!!

- Pattersonville, NY

Dennis Miller and Joe Celeone helped us with our purchase it was a great experience we got the vehicle we wanted at the price that we were comfortable. Thank you Depaula

2014 Equinox

- Berlin, New York

We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience at DePaula. Frank has been en excellent sales person as well as Mike and Keith. The whole experience was not stressful and all staff was friendly and helpful. We appreciate everyone-s time and effort.

2013 Chevy Silverado LT Z-71 Red

- Gloversville, NY

Frank and Dan are great.

2014 Impala

- Albany, NY

I Stopped in for a gas cap and ended up talking to Allen Scott. I worked with him to find a Impala that was hard to find. I wanted a model with a Bench seat. He walked me through the process of DePaula finding me a car. To make me comfortable with the process I talked with his manager and he said that we could find a certified preowned. So we looked and found a car that was a 2009 that could be certified but that fell through. So they found another 2009 but this one could not be certified. To make it so that this car would work for me all parties involved worked to make it right. Joe Celeone made the numbers work. So at the end of the day I left with the car I wanted.

Chevy Impala 2009

- Watervilet, ny

I had a great experience buying my first car here at Depaula. I worked with Dan Joe who made the process as easy and smoothe as possible. They were able to answer all the questions I had about the car.

cruze, 2012

- Averill Park, New York

We are pleased to say we had a great experience, with Chris Miller. Things went very smoothly for financing with Joe C. We will forever be a returning customer!

2012 Chevy Equinox

- Catskill, New York

I called ahead to let Curt know that I would be coming in to look at a specific car. When I arrived he had the keys ready and waiting! He was very attentive and listened to my concerns. He had a no -quot-bologna-quot- attitude and didn-t play any games with me when it came down to crunching the numbers. Although I am not a man of great means, I care more about who I buy a car from than what I buy a car for, and for that reason I will be coming back to see Curt for my next car! --The sales manager Jay was very kind. He made sure that Curt was in top form and assured that all my needs were met. --All in all I had a great experience shopping at Depaula,, and will certainly be back in the future!

Dodge Challenger

- Albany, NY

Tim Elliot did a wonderful job explaining the benefit of my new Chevrolet cruze. He was very easy to communicate with and got me a very fair deal. I have known Daniel forant in the finance dept for years and he did a great job going over everything with me.

2014 chevrolet cruze

- albany, ny

Great place to do business George DeJesus and Joe Celone true professionals.

2014 chevy mailbu

- east nassua, ny

Tim was friendly through the process and informative. There was no pressure to buy and he helped us the entire time.

chevrolet Cruze

- Albany, NY

Joe Celone and Tim Elliot were both very friendly and accommodating. From the first phone call to the final signature they went above and beyond to get me my car. I would recommend DePaula Chevrolet to any of my friends and family.

2014 Chevrolet Cruz

- Johnsonville, ny

I had a wonderful time with frank leasing my new chevrolet cruz! He and Dan had me all set in only a couple hours!I got a great deal and was thrilled to bring home my new car the same day that I set foot on the lot.

New 2014 chevy cruze lease

- manands, ny


Chevy Cruze

- Albany, New York

Frank and Dan did a great job assisting us in our car buying process! They made sure that we were aware of all of the options that were available to us and made the whole process easy! We would definitely recommend going straight to Frank when you are ready to purchase a vehicle at DePaula Chevrolet!

2011 Camaro

- Citymiddleburgh, ny

we had such a great experience with George polino and dan forant they did everything in their power to get us financed which wasn-t easy we love our new car and will be back in the future....

2012 ford Fusion

- albany, ny

Tim Elliot was very knowledgeable and helpful. Tim worked very hard to get us the deal that we wanted. Daniel Forant in the business office was very professional and helpful as well. will be recommending depaula, tim and Daniel.

2014 chevrolet malibu lease

- albany, ny

I was absolutely blown away with the awesome experience at depaula Chevrolet. Andy the salesman and joe the finance manger made it very easy to buy my NEW truck. THANK U VERY MUCH GUYS!

2014 chevy 2500

- castleton, ny

We came in to look at one vehicle and ended up happier with another one we saw! We had a great experience working with Ryan and Joe.----Joe was very helpful with the bank!!--Ryan was very helpful with the insurance agent!----Can-t wait to driver my new -to me- 2008 Chevy Equinox!----Thanks Guys!

2000 Jeep Cherokee

- New Baltimore, New York

I came into Depaula and Dealt with Mark Vandenburgh who put me in touch with Dan Pakatar and Joe Celeone. They did a fantastic job getting me set up with every thing that I was looking for in my new vechicle. I am extremely hppy customer as well as a loyal Depaula Customer. This is a great team.----Thank you, --Kim Adami

2014 chevrolet silverado

- berne, ny

Joe the business manager and Frank the Salesman was great. They are fast and hooked me up! I will always come back to them.

2013 Chevy Camaro

- Menands, NY

Name: Test Test -- Date: 8-8-8 -- Sales-Service Personnel: test -- Comment: test

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I came to DePaula after having a bad experience at another car dealership and was so impressed with the service that Frank and Joe provided to me. They had a no pressure, no nonsense approach and made me feel comfortable and secure in the purchase of my vehicle. I am highly satisfied with the level of professionalism that I experienced during my interactions here and would recommend DePaula to me friends and family. Thank you guys!

2011 Chevy Malibu LT

- Troy, NY

Our sales experience at DePaua was exemplary. Starting with Andy our initial salesman, to Daniel with financing and Allen who assisted on the day of pick up, we could not be more happy. Timely, courteous service and communication at every step of the way. Anyone shopping for a new or used car should certainly utilize DePaula for their shopping experience.



3-12-2014 I had a wonderful experience with my purchase from depaula. Franlyn lewdansky was great as my salesman while trying to put together my deal. Mike Brunina happens to be my cousin and was absolutely professional when dealing with myself. My finance manager Daniel forant made sure I understood all my paperwork.----will be recommending depaula to friends and family.

2011 chevrolet silverado cerfified

- ulster park, ny

3-13-2014----Dennis Connolly did a fantastic job with helping choose my new Silverado. Daniel Forant my finance manager made the paperwork and transaction go smoothly. ----I would recommend depaula and dennis Connolly.

2014 chevrolet silverado

- rotterdam, ny

I had a great experience at DePaula Chevrolet thanks to Dan Anadio and his management team. Dan was the only sales rep that I worked with over the past couple of weeks that had the car cleaned and parked in front of the dealership ready for the test drive when I arrived. His manager Mike Fountain answered all of my questions, made the deal simple to understand and had his finance manager Joe Celeone include the Simoniz Glasscoat in my warranty package so that this baby shines! I-ll be back! ----- Kenneth Borter

2014 Chevrolet Impala

- Troy, NY

My wife and I stopped in last Saturday to look at used cars. We were in the market after totaling ours. Our sales rep George Polino was very helpful in going through the inventory to help us find the best vehicle for us. He made everything easy and pressure free. Dan F helped us out with all of the paperwork and even got us set up with a great maintenance plan..----------THANKS GUYS!

Dodge Avenger

- troy, ny

troy forester was patient and very helpful during the search for my new truck coming up with the right vehicle for my use. joe celeone in finance was extremely helpful and knowledgeable creating an awesome buying experience. from bill

chevrolet, silverado, 2014

- scotia, ny

My sales rep, Dan Anadio was very attentive throughout the sales process - and I-d recommend him to my family or friends. Joe Celeone was able to make the finance process simple - he gave me his undivided attention and got it done quickly.

2014 Malibu

- Rexford, NY

03-15-2014-- Andy masiono was sales person and was very easy to work with. Andy was through with the entire process and worked with us to find the truck we wanted for a cheaper price. Daniel Forant was very good with helping us on financing and he helped save us 1-3 of an interest point over our bank sefcu. We would most definetly recommend depaula.

2014 chevrolet silverado 3500 hd

- nassau, ny

I found our new Tahoe online at DePaula-s website. I sent an inquiry while they were closed and within minutes I received an email response letting me know they were closed but would hear back from them as soon as they opened the next day. I-ve heard that from other places before but this time it really happened! Our sales guy, Timothy Elliott was great during the entire process. He listened to what we were looking for and didn-t try to put us in anything else. Our test drives were great and when we reached the end of our process Joe Cellone in finance was awesome. He worked with us to get us the numbers we wanted. Everyone was up front and honest and the whole process was super easy. I would recommend this dealer to anyone looking for either a new or used vehicle in the near future. -----Larissa Cook

2007 Tahoe

- Ballston Spa, State

I found our new Tahoe online at DePaula-s website. I sent an inquiry while they were closed and within minutes I received an email response letting me know they were closed but would hear back from them as soon as they opened the next day. I-ve heard that from other places before but this time it really happened! Our sales guy, Timothy Elliott was great during the entire process. He listened to what we were looking for and didn-t try to put us in anything else. Our test drives were great and when we reached the end of our process Joe Cellone in finance was awesome. He worked with us to get us the numbers we wanted. Everyone was up front and honest and the whole process was super easy. I would recommend this dealer to anyone looking for either a new or used vehicle in the near future. -----Larissa Cook

2007 Tahoe

- Ballston Spa, State

03-17-2014--Dennis Miller is a very good salesman. he made us feel very comfortable and explained everything to us. He went above and beyond showing us a ton of cars. I will come back and see him. ----Daniel Forant our business manager was very easy to get along with. He wasn-t pushy because I absolutely cant stand pushy dealerships.----I do and will continue to recommend Depaula Chevrolet.

2014 chevrolet malibu

- hillsdale, ny

Danny Pakatar and Tim Elliott did a great job working with me. I ended up changing from one vehicle to another on short notice and they were able to accommadate me. Joe Celeone was also very instrumental in getting my accessories and financing in order for the truck I ended up buying.

2014 Silverado

- schenectady, ny

James Furman is very knowledgeable, curtious and very easy to work with. He really know his vehicles. He is a no fuss salesman. We would highly recommend james. Daniel Forant in the business office did was very through and knew his job very well. He was fast and efficient when we needed him to be. ----Highly recommend working with depaula because of james and daniel.

2011 certified traverse

- waterford, ny

I had a great experience working with George Polino in purchasing my used Tahoe. I will be back for any needs in the future.... thanks to Joe C in finance as well for making the paperwork easy

used tahoe

- albany, ny

3-19-2014 Allan Scott was my salesman. He was very persistent after my first visit but wasn-t overbearing. He did a great job explaining the new truck to me and I will be recommending him. Daniel Forant in the business office was very helpful and did a great job explain the protections available to me. He even helped to make them affordable. Will be recommending depaula and will be back.

2011 certified chevrolet silverado 1500

- albany, ny

Dennis Miller and Joe Celeone at Depaula Chevrolet helped us and made sure we were 100% satisfied. They made sure we were able to pick up our new vehicle the same day. Outstanding Job- Thank you

2010 Equinox LTZ

- Schenebus, New York

My salesmen ryan rochleau at depaula did a very good job taking care of me needs. I have known him for a while and he has always been an exceptional salesmen. the finance office - Daniel Forant - did a great job at securing me a loan the my credit union could not. I will recommend both ryan and Daniel.

2014 chevrolet silverado

- latham, ny

Dennis miller was my sales consultant and did a wonderful job satisfying my needs with the purchase of my new Tahoe. The finance office, Daniel forant did a wonderful job finding my the best coverage to suit my needs. will recommend.

2015 chevrolet tahoe

- rouses poiint, ny

frank and Keith were awesome to deal with great group of guys

2014 Chevy Silverado

- Rensselaer, NY

I want to thank Dennis Miller and Joe C for a excellent experience at De Paula Chevrolet they took the time to give us a tour of their facility and answered all of our questions. Very nice people and a wonderful place to deal with

2008 Tahoe

- Tupper Lake, New York

Purchased a new leftover 2013 LTZ Tahoe, Tim Elliott and Joe Celone were terrific to work with ! Tim helped me choose the vehicle that best fit my needs and budget. He understood what I was looking for and worked with his management team to help close the deal. Joe Celone worked with a number of his lenders to get me the best finance package. Joe also helped me understand some of the additional products DePaula offers like Simoniz Paint protection and undercoating both of which I purchased. Overall a great experience with Tim and Joe. Joe Kochan

2013 Tahoe LTZ

- Scotia, NY




George Dejusus was our salesman and was very helpful and accommodating. He was very upfront and a no pressure salesmen. Answered all our questions and knew the answers as well. ----Daniel Forant in the business office really works on your behalf. He was a straight shooter and would recommend.

2013 chevy silverado

- loudenville, ny

We came in late on a Saturday and was promptly greeted by our sales consultant Allen Scott . Me and my husband told him what we were looking for and he quickly pointed us in the right direction . The entire process from start to finish was incredibly smooth and simple and our sales consultant was extremely knowledgeable and gregarious and his mangers Joe Cealone and Jayson Newell not only made this the best buying experience ever but the also helped us protect our investment -----The Mallorys

2014 1 ton

- windham, ny

I Have been a long time service customer I worked with Marc Rosebeck and he referred me to a salesman Dennis Miller who I have known from the dealership I fealt very very comfortable purchasing my new equinox from Dennis Miller he treated me with courtesy and I never felt like I was being ripped off. Dan Forant in the Finance department helped me with all of my financing and protection options. It was a great experience!!!!!

2014 Chevrolet Equinox

- Coxackie, New York




I just purchased my 3rd vehicle from George Polino. Each time has been easier and easier. He takes the time to understand my needs and helps me pick out the right vehicle. ----Joe C was great with my financing and making sure I protected my investment. ----Thanks guys!!!!

2014 High Country

- albany, ny

I finally pulled the trigger and purchased my retirement truck. I was referred by a life long friend to Depaula Chevrolet and salesman, Troy Forrest. Troy spent over an entire afternoon and evening, -on his birthday-, listening to my needs and shopping trucks. Troy and Joe Celeone met all of my expectations and made the purchase a stress free process.----Thanks!

3500 Silverado HD

- Glenville, NY

My husband and I stopped in to ask a question and walked out with a new 2013 Camaro. Both George Polino and Joe Celeone made the experience a very pleasurable one. They were extremely helpful from start to finish in dealing with our unique situation.


- albany, ny

I purchased a 2013 Chevy Camaro Leftover from Dennis Miller and Joe C. and it was a quick process, they explained everything properly and helped with the financing approval- good experience.

2013 Chevrolet Camaro

- Albany, New York

I was always dreaming about getting a Camaro it was my favorite car and looked very nice! I honestly thought I wouldn-t be able to purchase a Camaro for a while and it was just a dream but when I met Allen Scott he assured me that him and Depaula Chevrolet can turn that dream into a reality and they did! I am beyond pleased with the experience as a whole and the customer service and hospitality is second to none. It wasn-t easy but after a lot of work put in by Allen and his business manager Joe Celeone my dream has become a reality and I now own my very own Chevrolet Camaro!

2012 Chevrolet Camaro

- Albany, NY

I had a great experience buying my new Chevy Cruze!! It was easy, seamless, and amazing. Allen and Joe made it a great time with the least amount of stress. I love my new car and cant wait to refer them to everyone I know!

2014 chevy cruze

- Albany, ny

My search for a Chevy Camaro SS ended at DePaula Chevrolet. In my quest for the right car at the right price I had visited more than 8 Chevy dealerships in 3 states. None, I repeat, none could compare even remotely to DePaula Chevrolet. The staff, the dealership and the product I got at DePaula was unparalled in every way. Special thanks to my DePaula Chevrolet team: Ryan R., Joe C., Paul L., and Cathy. Good Job! ----Paul T.

Camaro SS

- Berkshires, Mass

Ryan Rohelaue was my salesmen and was very responsive, was on time with the apt we booked. I would recommend him. ----Daniel Forant was my business manager and was very through with explaining the documents and coverage-s.----I will recommend Depaula Chevrolet to friends.

2012 gmc terrain

- fort ann, ny

This is the second car our family has bought here at DePaula within the past year. Our salesman Tim E. was courteous and very helpful through the entire process.

2012 Malibu 1LT

- selkirk, ny

Tim barnes was my salesman and did a wonderful. We came back to depaula due to our first expericnce. Daniel forant our finance manager did a wonderful job explaining the coverages available. we ill be back.

2014chevrolet cruze

- schenectady, ny

I dealt with Tim Elliott and Joe Celeone. Both were more than a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed dealing with both and they make this business succeed!!!!!!! I would definitely buy another car from here.

2014 Camaro 2LS

- Amsterdam, ny

Richie Youngs was my salesmen, he did a wonderful job, was not pushy and I would recommend him. ----Daniel Forant was my business manager and he was very informative and professional. I will be recommending him as well. ----thank you



Danny packatar was my salesman. He is a nice guy and tries hard to be helpful. I will definetly reccommend danny.----Daniel forant was my business manager and was very good with handling my car purchase. ----thankk you depaula.

2010 chevrolet malibu

- albany, ny

purchasing my second car from Allen Scott my salesman very friendly and helped me walk through the leasing process making everything easy for me to go home same day with my new suv my hats off to Allen and the entire DePaula Sales staff. also big thanks to joe celeone in finance.

2014 chevy equinox

- Albany, new york




We worked with George -sales- and Joe -financing- and they were awesome! George was extremely knowledgeable and we were able to come to a mutually agreeable deal quickly and painlessly. Joe went through all the financing options with us and found us a great deal on our loan. We would highly recommend both of them to anyone!



I highly recommend Chris miller! he was the best car salesman ive ever delt with! amazing job! very informative, very respectful and all around great!! made everything so easy for me!! best car experience ever!!

2011 chevy cruise

- east durham, ny

Frank, Joe and TC where amazing!

Jeep 2011

- Ballston Spa, Ny

Service was excellent. Extremely happy with Frank and Keith, they where very helpful.

2014 Silverado

- Pattersonville, NY

As much as I loved my 2011 Cruz, it was time to part ways. Because I liked it so much I got a new 2014, and my salesman Tim Elliott was extremely helpful in meeting my dreams and goals of my new lease. Joe Celeone made the financial arrangements quick and easy. I left with my brand new Rainforest green cruz, and look forward to bringing my car in to see my service manager Jason Keville who always takes good care of me. Thanks again Depaula Chevrolet!

2014 Cruz

- nassau, ny

I worked with Tim Elliott to purchase a 2011 Chevy Cruze to surprise my husband with. He was very friendly, knowledgeable extremely helpful. The deal was great.----Joe helped with financing and he was very helpful as well.

Kia Sorento

- Broadalbin, New York

Frank lewandusky was my sales person and did a great job. He wasn-t pushy and was very honest. ----Daniel forant was my business manager was my business manager and did a good job keeping my payment where I was quoted. ----Will be recommending Daniel, frank and DePaula Chevrolet.

2014 chevrolet lease

- lake luzerne, ny




I picked up my 2014 Chevrolet Silverado today it is the 2nd vehicle i purchased off of Dennis Miller he did a great job, Joe Celeone in finance helped me and made sure I got the coverages i needed for my new vehicle. Thanks Depaula

2014 Chevrolet Silverado

- Schenectady, new york

George p and Joe c were a great help in the purchase of our new equinox

chevy equinox

- albany, ny

Dennis miller was my sales person and did a good job. he was not pushy and made us feel comfortable with our purchase. ----Daniel forant Was my business manager and did a wonderful job. ----would recommend depaula Chevrolet

2012 certified pre owned cruze

- cobleskill, ny

My salesman Dennis miller was very good. He got right to the point, wasn-t pushy and I like he works his business. Daniel forant was my business manager and he did an eexcellent job would recommend.

2014 chevrolet 2500

- sand lake, ny

Roder kallop was my sales consultant. We started out emailing and then the trip from vermont to purchase the vehicle. He wasn-t pushy and was informational. ----daniel forant was our business manager and wonderful job. ----My husband and I will most definitely tell our friends and family about depaula.

2008 gmc yukon

- stanford, vt

James and Joe made me feel comfortable about buying from Depaula they were very informative and I felt we are buying a reliable truck based upon the information they gave us.

2009 Chevrolet Silverado

- Johnstown, New York

I purchased this vehicle from Frank because he was one of the few that followed up with our E- mails and gave the info I asked for.

2014 silverado

- duanesburg, new york

We had a very pleasant experience with top notch service. Will be back again.or sale man dan pakatar was great we highly recomend him!!!!!

2014 chevy equinox

- menands, new york

Danny packatar was my salesmen and worked very hard to get me a good deal. He and i compromised to make it happen. Daniel forant was my business manager and had everything in order for my delivery.

2014 chevrolet equinox

- east greenbush, ny

Had a great experience working with Jay, Joe and Chris at DePaula Chevrolet. Very friendly and accommodating. Found the car I was looking for and they made it happen. Awesome experience!

2011 Chevrolet camaro

- New Milford, ct

Ryan Roashlo was my sales consultant. He was friendly and very efficient. I did not feel pushed. Daniel Forant was my business manager and did a good job going over the coverage-s that could be afforded to me. ----Would and will be recommending.

2014 chevrolet cruze

- albany, ny

Frank and Joe were excellent to deal with, I had a great experience at depaula Chevrolet.

2011 silverado

- Coxsackie, NY

I am very pleased with the service Tim Elliot provided to me. He was very respectful and professional. We had a few bumps in the road and I felt very well taken care of. Joe Celeone made the financing easy and will come back for another car.

2014 Equinox

- Hannacroix, NY

Tim barnes was very easy to get along with and he answered all my questions honestly. He made it a very pleasant experience. Daniel forant, my business manager was very knowledgeable and help me choose the extended service contract and maintaince plan that best suit my needs.

2009 chevrolet silverado

- bennington, vt

I have spent 2 hours with rich young my business manager Daniel forant. I have each of their company and they have been understanding with a 85 year old women. I would recommend both Daniel and rich. I am so happy with depaula.

2014 chevrolet cruze.

- colonie, ny

My salesman Tim Elliott was very professional and knowledgeable and professional. Joe Celeone made the financing very easy and the products he offered were great

2011 Traverse

- schenectady, ny

I gave eagle Chevrolet an opportunity to earn my business but they just could not match depaula-s price on my new truck. I have had great service here as well. Andy masiono was my salesperson and he was very helpful and laidback. Daniel forant my business manager did a great job and was not pushy at all. ----Will be recommending. I actually already have. ----Gary

2014 chevrolet silverado

- gloversville, ny

Depaula Chevrolet has made the start of my year great! The staff here has gone above and beyond. I originally came in for an oil change on my 2012 Sonic and through the vehicle exchange program I am leaving in a 2013 Sonic LT, and keeping my payment exactly the same. Thanks to Keith and Frank the start to my 2014 year of my life has been shot to an amazing start. You have made a customer for LIFE! THANK YOU!

2013 Chevy Sonic LT

- Latham, NY

Troy and Dan Forant- III did a phenomenal job getting me a new cruze. The whole process was painless. Depaula is great.


- rensselaer, new york

Victor higgins was my salesman. He wasn-t pushy and I believe he got me a good deal. Daniel Forant was my business manager and was very professional with the service he provided.

2012 cruze

- nassau, ny

Frank and Keith did a great job very satisfied with all phases of purchase and pickup of vehicle

2014 chevy traverse LT AWD

- watervliet, ny

Fran and Keith took very good care of me when I came in for another issue with my other Chevy. I-m very happy with the service and will be back in another year or two for another upgrade. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!

2013 Chevy Sonic

- Cohoes, NY

I was greeted graciously at the door by Mr. Daniel Anadio. Who then showed me several cars that met my high standards. And just when we thought we exhausted our options - Danny worked his magic and found the car that fit my lifestyle and budget perfectly. He and Joe Celeone offered me exceptional deals and great packages that made it hard to go anyplace else! -----Jonathan Lanahan

2011 Chevrolet Cruze

- Slingerlands, New York

A great buying experience, with superior customer service. --Good people to do business with.George Dejesus was my sales consultant,Joe CELONE FINANCE.


- DELMAR, State NY

frank and dan where great thanks for everything. love my know truck.

2014 Silverado LT

- Hudson, NY

frank and dan where great thanks for everything. love my know truck.

2014 Silverado LT

- Hudson, NY

We came in shopping for a equinox lease and James furman was a great help to us from start to finish. Great experience !! Thank you !

2014 chevy equinox

- albany, ny

I really enjoyed the professionalism of the three associates that helped me with purchasing my Equinox. Steve, Joe and Frank all went above the normal service level to help me and never made me feel pressured. It was a pleasure working with them and look forward to doing business with Depaula again. Thank you

Chevy Equinox 2011

- Clifton Park, NY

Danny packatar was my salesmen and he did an awesome job. I will be recommending him.. the business dept - daniel forant - did a great job as well. ----mike

2010 certified impala

- watervliet, ny

Ever since I moved to the Albany area in 2010 I-ve come to DePaula Chevy for all my service. They are all very professional. So when it came time to trade in my Trailblazer SS for a Silverado I have got to say again....very professional. From Dan, Frank, and Christy the whole proses went quite easy. I take my hat off to everyone involved for helping me. Thanks guys.

2014 Silverado LTZ 6.2L

- Troy, NY

Roger Kallop and Joe took really good car of me and made my new car dreams come true thank you so much

i bought a sonic

- schenectady, new york

Frank lewandusky was my salesman and helped me to realize that purchasing a new truck was in my best interest. Daniel Forant was my business manager, he wasn-t pushy and thoroughly explained my options to protect my investment even though I didn-t purchase anything. ----will be recommending.-

2014 silverado

- niskayuna, ny

We had a great experience here at Depaula. We were looking to get another vehicle for our family and we were unsure about getting financing since we are in the process of rebuilding our credit. With the help of Tim Elliot from Sales and Joe the finance manager, we were set up with a great used car and they help us get through all of the financing. We would definitely come back here again the next time we are looking to get another car.

fletcher- used impala

- guilderland center, ny

They guys did a great job!!!

2014 Chevrolet Malibu

- Schenectady, New York

Dennis and Joe did a great job!!!

What type of vehicle do you drive? -Make-Model-Year

- schenectady, new york

Dan forant was my business manager and helped to turn around a deal for me! Would recommend him as a business manager!

2014 silverado

- Wyantskill, Ny

My husband and I had a good experience, James was very helpful even texting me on his day off to make sure the deal was done to my satisfaction. Joe was helpful getting us financing at a great rate!

2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor

- Clifton Park, New York

James Furman was my salesman and he was very honest, greeted me with a smile and made me feel like I was his only customer. I will most definetly deal only with him in the future. ----Daniel forant was my business manager. He gave me a good deal on my extended warranty and maintaine plan. -----quot-I wouldn-t consider going to denooyer over depaula due to depaula-s superior customer service. Awesome job guys.-quot-

2014 chevrolet cruze

- rotterdam, ny

We came to Depaula to see if we could trade in our Ford Expedition. My wife had two cars picked out from their website. Upon arriving Frank greeted us and took us on a test drive in both vehicles. We chose the Rogue and met Daniel the finance guy. He immediately told us how he could get us into the vehicle. I was concerned because although our income was adequate our credit wasn-t the best. In less than 24 hours we were picking up our new car. We were so pleased. I recommend Depaula.

2010Nissan Rogue

- East Greenbush, NY

Frank lewandusky was my salesman and did good job. Very trustworthy and i woill be coming back. The business office - daniel Forant - did a fantastic job. I did purchase xs wear for my lease.

2014 chevrolet equinox

- albany, ny

I just leased my fifth car and my second Equinox from DePaula. As always, I was extremely satisficed with the service and sales experience. Both Frank and Joe were courteous and knowledge and it was a pleasure to deal with them.

2014 Chevrolet Equinox

- Colonie, NY

I had a wonderful experience, Joe and Frank did an awesome job.

What type of vehicle do you drive? -Make-Model-Year

- City, State

Dan Anniston was my sales person and he is an absolute sweetheart! Daniel forant was the business manager that worked on our loan! He did a great job and worked with us to get us the protection we needed!

2014 Chevrolet Malibu

- Albany, My

This is our second new vehicle purchased from DePaula Chevolet. Our salesperson, James Furman is the best!! Intelligent, knowledgeable, and offerd us so much beyond what a typical sales person would..He even called me back during Sunday-s Football game..I can-t imagine any other sales person being so attentive to customers. Our new Impalla was ready to go!! And our Chevy sliverado we had the same execellent service and James will always be our sales person...

2014 Chevrolet Impala 2LT

- Greenvile, New York

Tim Barnes and the sales department have been wonderful to deal with. I have purchased four cars with Tim and DePaula and have never had a single complaint. The service team has been equally wonderful - I would recommend Tim and DePaula with no hesitation!


- delmar, ny

Timmy barns my sales consultant he did a good job! He wasn-t pushy or aggressive! Feel like I got a good deal! Daniel forant was my business manager! He did a great job as well! ----Dave

2014 Chevrolet silverado

- Troy, My

Troy forester was my sales consultant and he did a wonderful job the whole way! He was very friendly and made me feel at ease! The business manager Daniel forant did a good job securing my loan and getting me an extended warranty! Would recommend depaula to all!

2011 Chevrolet cruze

- Greenville, By

Dennis and Joe treated us very well here at DePaula Chevrolet. We had a very pleasurable experience. We would recommend their dealership to all of our friends. Thank you very much for making it so easy. :-

2010 Chevrolet Suburban

- Glens Falls, New York

My sales Tim Barnes did a great job! There was no pressure and he made me feel really comfortable! Daniel forant my business manager did a great job and am very pleased with his performance while acquiring my loan! I would recommend both Tim and Dan!

2012 Mazda 6

- Schenectady, Ny

Working with Andy and Daniel was great and very easy, thanks

2014 Chevrolet silverado lease

- Brunswick, By

Frank -amp- Dan was very knowledgeable and forthright. I was very pleased with the experience.

Chevrolet Impala

- Clifton Park, NY

Rodger kallop was my sales consultant and he did an excellent job realizing my needs. Daniel forant was my business manager and was extremely professional and proficient. will tell friends and family

2011 certified cruze

- amsterdam, ny

Owned a VW Passat for seven years. Time for a new car and like most people was considering switching to a Japanes model. However, in my price range was tough to find everything I was looking for in the Japanese brands. I researched the Malibu and found that for a Certified Malibu with low miles DePaula had THE BEST prices for hundreds of miles around -btw this included non-Chevy brands as well-. This worked as we prefer to keep my business local.--Steve Plue was our Sales Professional. This young man is genuine and terrific. Immediately made a connection with me, my wife an daughter. Understood immediately what I wanted and asked me to come back next day to check out a low-mileage Malibu coming in from out-of-state. The car -indicated above- was great - almost new - with Bluetooth and remote starter which I was not expecting. Of course, I had to shamelessly haggle. Michael Brunina, Sales Manager was brought in. He was tough, but fair and understanding. I wish I could have held out for less, but no hard feelings - the price was right. I knew it and he knew I knew it. He also gave me a very fair price on my 183K Passat. Next Dan Forant, Business Manager. Dan is very professional and courteous and really did a great job finding us the best interest rate possible. Could not find a lower rate even from my credit union. Dan rightly convinced me to buy the full 100k warranty. A $2500 expense I wasn-t counting on spending -thanks, Dan!-. But no regrets as I intend to keep the car for a while and I know it makes sense. A great team and can now only hope that the after sales approach - service, etc. - will match this experience. But a special kudos to Steve Plue! You connected with your customer from the momemt he walked in the door. - Ken W

Chevrolet Malibu 2012, -5000k miles-

- Delmar, New York

I was a vep customer and dealt with James firman as my sales consultant! He did great job! Daniel forint was my business manager. I did purchase simonize and a vehicle service contract to protect my silverado. Will recommend to depaula!------Joseph

2014 Chevrolet silver ado

- Albany, Ny

What type of vehicle do you drive? -Make-Model-Year

- , State

Frank Lewandusky was a great help in finding just the car I wanted. Picking the car up was a breeze.

2014 Chev Sonic

- Albany, NY

Erin filmed was my sales consultant and she did a wonderful job! Daniel forant was my business-s manager! He explained the importance of a vehicle service contract! Would recommend to friends and family!

2010 silverado

- Albany, By

George dejus was my sales consultant and he did a great job, I found my car online and helped get the deal done for me. Daniel forant was my finance manager and he did a wonderful job securing my loan and warranty!

2011 Subaru legacy

- Graft on, Ny

Great buying experience! James was great with his product and dealership knowledge and Dan was great in finance, very low pressure scenario, would strongly reccomend!!!

2005 Chrysler Seebring

- Leeds, New York

Had an excellent experience at DePaula Chevrolet with Ryan Rush and Joe with the lease of a 2014 Cruze. I would definitely recommend these individual to family and friends. Looking forward to a great relationship during the lease of my car!!--Thanks,--Karen Martin



I was very satisfied with my experience, my salesperson Tim Elliott was right to the point and did not give me the runaround like at other dealerships. Joe Celeone was extremely helpful on the finance end and made it as easy as it gets

2014 Chevrolet Silverado

- Scuylerville, ny

I very much enjoyed my experience at Depaula, with Dennis and Joe. They shared the utmost knowledge and generosity while fitting me with my vehicle. I couldn-t be happier. I would highly recommend both of these gentleman to other customers for great sales and customer service. they really exceeded my expectations!

2011 Chevrolet Silverado

- Feura Bush, New York

Laura was very helpful with picking the right vehicle for me and my family needs. i will definitely purchase my next vehicle from DePaula again and again. its nice to go to a dealer where Joe from finance takes care of your needs and walks you through the whole deal.


- Selkirk, NY

Excellent experience. Very satisfied. Tim Elliot was a very knowledgeable sales person and Joe Celeone was a great business manger to deal with. I would come back and buy a car again

2011 chevy cruz

- menands, ny

Depaula did a wonderful job throughout the whole process! Tim Elliot my salesman was not pushy and thoroughly explained everything I needed to know. My finance manager Daniel Forant Explained the protections that were offered to me and I purchase Simonize to protect my vehicles paint and interior.



Great service at Depaula. Made it easy and picked up my car right on time. Highly recommend this dealer for both sales and service needs. Great price, great people. Andy and Joe in finance were very professional.-----Jim S

2012 Chevy Cruze

- Niverville, NY

I am very satisfied with my experience at depaula Chevrolet. Roger and Joe were very clear and concise with all information. It was a pleasure working with them on this purchase. I would definitely recommend them and work with them in the future. I have no complaints whatsoever.

Chevy Silverado 2011

- clifton park, ny

Hassle free right from the first phone call! Meet all of my needs to get me in this truck.Thanks to Chris Miller and Joe Celeone for their --friendly honest service. One of the best car buying experiences i-ve ever had.

2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

- columbiaville, ny

Your service was very nice. Laura came out with a nice big smile, and was very helpful through the entire process. Joe was very helpful and friendly taking care of the financing. Will definitely be coming back for return business!

Honda, Accord

- Albany, NY

George Dejesus was fair, patient, and attentive. He was very passionate about what he does, and committed to providing a great experience while deciding on which vehicle i wanted to get. Thanks to George I have a beautiful car with a great deal, and I will be back in the future GUARENTEED!



I choose DePaula for my first car buying experience. I was going to originally look around at other dealerships before making the final purchase, but everything went so well with George that I decided to make the purchase with DePaula, instead of cruising around for more deals. As a first time buyer I was impressed with how they handled my financial situation, and with the car selection they had for me, I was pleased to end up with a VW Jetta, -a car I-ve been wanting for years- and George was able to make my dream come true. These guys are great here and did everything to accommodate me. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know.



we came in to Depaula for service , we were not expecting to purchase a vehicle today and we were presented options and we chose to lease a 2014 Chevrolet Malibu. Dennis Miller and Joe Celeone were especially helpful

2014 Chevy Malibu

- schenectady, new york

Just picked up New Silverado from George DeJesus my sales Rep.and Joe Celone my fInance rep.Very HAPPY with my service,very streamlined and would recomend friends and family.

2014 Silverado LTZ

- waterford, ny

i was so impressed with how smooth the process was here at depaula this is the first car i bought since 1979 thank you tim and joe

chevrolet sonic 2013

- east berne, ny

Great experience. Andy was great and made the sale easy. Traveled from NJ for the vehicle. Would highly recommend dealership. Found car online and it was a low price.

2010 GMC Envoy

- Kearny, NJ

Curt Rowell and Keith Scianna were pleasant to deal with. Even though Curt wouldn-t share his carrots with me he took good care of me.

2004 Chevrolet Impala

- Albany, NY

drive nothing but chevy

2012 Colorado

- Troy, New York

I started out looking for a truck at denooyer, i was unhappy with their sales, and they were not very professional. I then went to Depaula and was immediately approached by Roger Kallop and he was very helpful and attentive. it was very easy to work with him. I was also very pleased with Joe C. he was also very helpful. This was a very pleasent experiance and I would highly recommend not only Depaula but Roger and Joe.

2010 chevy silverado

- albany, ny

My salesperson, George Dejesus was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. My fiance bought a car from him previously and she recommended I talk to him when purchasing my car. Keith, my finance person was also very helpful. I was not disappointed and I am happy to have done business with Depaula Chevrolet.

Chevy Impala

- Menands, NY

Tom Speziale in sales and Keith Scianna in finance made the whole transaction very easy. They took great care of me. i would definitely reccomend Depaula Chevrolet to everyone.

2013 Chevrolet Silverado

- Saranac Lake, NY

Bought the car from Depaula. Car is white in color. After a few weeks noticed black exhaust on the rear bumper. Went back and stopped into see my Sale rep. We talked to service they thought it might be bad gas and not to worry. In spring same issue, bumper would look like a NYC cab black as the night. Bring it in, they had it for 3 days. They tried to sell me a $150 cleaning service even though the car is under warranty. Declined it and ran 93 premium in the car and some fuel cleaner. Month later brought the car back still same issue. They had the car for a week. Did the fuel cleaning this time at no cost. Said issue was fixed. Had 1 of them drive it just to be sure for a day. Picked it back up after they had it all week. Gas light was on, Car was not washed, not sure how they could even tell black stuff wasn-t coming out the back onto the bumper anymore. The tech either smoked in the car or stunk so bad that it gave you that impression. Also noticed a dent on the passenger side door. Left the windows down all night, bought a air freshener, Next day spend an hour cleaning and waxing the car. Drove 3 miles to my parents house for dinner, Black exhaust on the bumper again. Service is terrible thinking of switching to Deenoyer. They will have 1 more shot and then I am going after for a lemon.

2010 Camaro

- Troy, NY

Tom Speziale in sales and Keith Scianna finance took great care of us. Great customer service from both. We reccomend everyone go see Depaula Chevrolet for a new vehicle.

2013 Chevrolet Equinox

- Kinderhook, NY

About a month ago I realized that I was in need of new car. My old vehicle was suffering a great deal of water damage from a large leak somewhere in the front windshield, causing electrical and mechanical failures as well.--I had noticed the styles of the crossover vehicles and fell in love with them. After much research, I decided that the Chevy Equinox was best model for us. Shopping locally, I found a 2011 EquinoxLTZ that seemed to fit our budget, but did not have all of the options that pleased us, namely the 7-quot- touch screen on the dashboard. 24 hours before the final deal signatures were to be made, I called DePaula Chevrolet. I could not believe that they were able to find us a BRAND NEW VEHICLE with ALL of the options that my husband and I both wanted within the SAME BUDGET!!--We made the hour drive to Albany with my trade vehicle -which lost all power 3-10ths of a mile from DePaula- and were so pleased to be able to drive the new car home the same day!!--No matter where you live, do not buy a new vehicle without checking in on DePaula Chevrolet. Their prices are the best! We were able to purchase a brand new car for the same price of a used vehicle, close to home. We received every option that we wanted without having to settle just because it -quot-fit the budget-quot-. Their inventory is huge!--We are still -quot-walking on a cloud-quot- over our new car. Thanks so much, DePaula for everything!

Chevrolet EquinoxLT, 2013

- Ghent, NY

I was driving a 2005 Chevrolet Equinox with well over 100K miles. It was a great car but was starting to have some mechanical problems. I brought the car for service to my dealer, DePaula Chevrolet, because the check engine light had gone on. Unfortunately, the car needed major repairs -head gasket-. They were able to offer me a deal on trading in my car on a 2013 model that made it definitely worth my while. They are absolutely wonderful. They made the car buying experience painless. I highly recommend them. My sales Adviser, Frank Lewandusky, was terrific.

2013 Chevrolet Equinox

- Clifton Park, NY

Very professional on the phone and in person. I would recommend this dealer to anyone looking for a new or used car. I will be returning in the furture.

Chevy impala 2008

- Cooperstown, New York

I had been searching for a replacement for my 2010 Equinox for mor than a month when I happened upon a spectacular deal at DePaula Chevy. From the initial contact with Mike F., to my transition to Rich, and finally to Dan P. -who sold us our new Equinox-, every step was handled with great attention to detail and every effort was made to meet our needs. Everyone made us feel like family and we thoroughly enjoyed the enitre buying experience. I would recommend this dealership to ANYONE- it is worth the drive! The only thing I wouldn-t do again...is schedule delivery for the day of our 10th anniversary...a new car is a nice present but not necessarily the surprise one your wife is looking for!---Rob and Adrienne


- Utica, New York

Tim Barnes really went to bat for me and got me the price I needed for the car. He was an excellent sales representative and I had an excellent experience. I would buy a car from Depaula again and recommend them as well.

Chevrolet Cruiz

- Hillsdale, Ny

George Polino was very knowledgable about all of the options in my new Equinox. Keith in finance made sure to inform me of all my financing needs. I would definitely come to DePaula to purchase your next vehicle.

2013 Chevrolet Equinox

- Saratoga, NY

Got an oil change and was approached about trading in my old truck,was hooked uip with Frank L. and we discussed some prices.After a couple meetings we aggreed on a great price which was a great surprise because I really liked my old Chevy truck and never thought that I would get rid of it after only 4 years but Frank and Mike were great and had my best interests in mind.Thanks Guys I will be back!

2013 chevy silverado 1500

- loudonville, ny

Little did I know when the Cobalt was having an oil change that I would hear about the Vehicle Exchange Program. And, after the test drive with Frank Lewandusky, and hearing about all the safety features of the Cruze, the next step was getting -quot-the numbers-quot-. This is something I needed to think over, but the next day, I was back for another test drive and getting more definitive numbers. Days later, I-m signing the paperwork for a Cruze 2013. It-s a good day!!

Cobalt 2010

- Guilderland, NY

Our experience here was excellent. Tom Speziale and Keith in finance took good care of us. When we came to pick up our new car, it had had baloons and a big red bow on it.. The little things like this is what separates Depaula from the other dealers.----John -amp- Darlene

2012 chevrolet impala

- averill park, ny

Yesterday, June 17, 2013, I had just put my Tahoe in for service. First, I would like to tell you I was a bit apprehensive due to the fact the only reason we come back to DePaula Chevrolet was due to their fantastic service department. I have been in the Gold Team with Mark Rosebeck in the past -amp- I was informed when I showed up that he was promoted. As I am very happy for him but I will miss him guiding me through each service appointment. I am very happy with the two gentlemen that have replaced Mark -amp- with their help yesterday. They saw that my issues were handled -amp- dealt with them in a very timely fashion. I was going to wait for the survey to come but I felt that this is a much more personal way to let you know.----While I was waiting, I walked through the showroom -amp- found my salesmen ... Dario Arango. I was telling him that we have been receiving information about the Vehicle Exchange Program and their interest in our trade. My husband came over to pick me up and I brought him in to speak with Dario about this ... In the area we live in we really need a 4WD replacement vehicle if we were to make a change. This was around 10AM when Dario took our info, gave us options and by 3PM when we came back in we were able to take home a new Tahoe. I would also like to thank Lou Guerra in finance who also took care of our loan in the past since he was also terrific in the process. I have been telling everyone how wonderful DePaula Chevrolet is and how lucky they are to have employees that are so terrific. ----Sincerely, --Mary Jane -amp- Michael Hanley

2013 Tahoe

- Cropseyville, NY

I bought my truck from George and Jay at Depaula Chevrolet. They were very friendly and helpful! I would recommend DePaula for your next purchase!

Chevy Silverado 1500

- Saratoga Springs, New York

i would like thank all for all the help in replacing my truck. everyone one was very helpful.

What type of vehicle do you drive? -Make-Model-Year

- City, State

Frank from DePaula responded to my online request made in the evening on the next day. He e-mailed me figures after talking to me on the phone. The quote was very acceptable and we closed the dealwithin hours.

What type of veChehicle do you drive? -Make-Model-YeaChevy Equin ox 2013r

- CityEast Greenbush, StateNY

My wife and I purchased a -13Tahoe from Allen Scott. Outstanding service from everyone. The staff is very personable and professional. They are all willing to work with customers. --Definitely recommend this dealership!!

New Tahoe

- Troy, NY

I came to DePaula --chevrlet because I met Steve at the auto show in March-- and he impressed me because he took the time to answer all my questions and was willing to find me exactly what I wanted in a new car. --within 48 hours I had the exact car I was looking for. On my day of pick up he tok much time to explain my new car to me I wuld definitely send o thers t o see Steve and I can see much success for him in the future. Thank you Steve and thank you DePaula Chevrolet----------------kup he took much time in showing me all the functions of my new car

Impala LTZ 2014

- Latham, NY

This experience has been great in that Curt and others where very helpful in this vehicle exchange. My feeling is that he listened to what I had said especially in that the 2012 Chevy Cruz is wonderful and I do get comments that are good about my car.--This transfer is done with ease and I do appreciate that.----Thank You for your courtsey!! Joyce Stone--P.S. Looking froward to my new 2012 Malibu-Hurray!!--P.S. The Chevy Cruz became an excelration thing---yea, It is the driver

2013 Chevy Malibu

- Cohoes, NY

April 5, 2013

Don't normally look forward to going thru the process of buying a car. DePaula and salesman Roger Kallop made it painless and actually fun! Nice selection of vehicles to choose from. So nice, we bought two. Had service done on an older vehicle we own and service was excellent! Definitely a positive experience!

- Andrew Barber

March 26, 2013

It seemed good to talk to a sales person that was not so pushey as some of them are and let me make up my mind instead of them! I would definately deal with them again!

- Johnny A.

March 26, 2013

First time purchasing a vehicle here at Depaula, Everyone i encountered has been wonderful,professional ,courtious, and very knowledgable. Would definatly recomend this dealership to anyone who is looking to purchse a GM vehicle.

- Lois F.

March 26, 2013

A satisfying experience. What buying vehicle a should be (painless). Thank you to all involved.

- Lester

March 24, 2013

We were very pleased with the knowledge of the salesperson, the quality of service and attention to detail as well as the price of the vehicle we purchased and the trade-in allowed on our old vehicle. The whole process was effortless.

- CarolD24


Tim B. was a pleasure to work with. I love my 2013 Chevy Equinox and the service i recieved from Tim and the team at Depaula. I hightly recommend this dealership!


- cgiagni

March 19, 2013

Allen in sales was very personable and courteous. He made buying a new car easy. Keith in finance made the transaction smooth.

- Linda & Steven Krause

March 19, 2013

I had a great time test driving my new car. My salesman, Frank was helpful and knowledgable and a got a great deal...thanks DePaula

- Mike Bates

Dennis Miller helped me alot to obtain my car today. Im very happy with the outcome and excited to use my car. Im very thankful with Depaula and Dennis Miller to get my very first car. He is very helpful and gave me very useful advices about my car. I really can't ask for more. Thank you again Dennis Miller!

- Grechiella Antolin

March 22, 2013

Roger was an excellent and very patient salesperson. We came for one truck with the outside chance of two. Bought two. Job well done !! DePaula had a better selection of trucks available then any other dealer in the capital district.

- A & L Barber

2013-03-19 CARS.COM

Allen in sales was very personable and courteous. He made buying a new car easy. Keith in finance made the transaction smooth.

- Linda & Steven Krause

2013-03-19 CARS.COM

I had a great time test driving my new car. My salesman, Frank was helpful and knowledgable and a got a great deal...thanks DePaula

- Mike Bates


I am very pleased with the service from Fred Albright. Helped me with getting that truck I always wanted. Thanks again Fred.

- John

2013-03-14 CARS.COM
Chris Miller was great helped me get into a great certified Silverado and took care of all my needs and wants.

- Glen & Sharon Passino

2013-03-13 CARS.COM

Christopher was very professional and courteous. His knowledge was very extensive and helped making my truck purchase smooth and easy. I will be recommending Depaula Chevrolet and Chris to anyone I know who is in the market for a new or used vehicle.

- Sean Scott

2013-03-13 CARS.COM

I'm very pleased with the deal I got on my new Silverado. George was very professional and courteous throughout the whole process. I did not feel pressured into the purchase. I recommend everyone come see George.

- Jamie

2013-03-12 CARS.COM

On Saturday I was looking for a car and stopped at DePaula Chevrolet and I met Tim. He was young and sweet and I liked him right away, He was patient and took his time to explain everything about every car I asked about. Then I met Jay, the money man and he got me such a great rate that I could not believe it. I would recommend DePaula Chevrolet and especially these two guys to everyone.

- Thomasine

Wonderful experience leasing my new vehicle. Joe was my salesman, he was extremely helpful and explained all the details thoroughly. Jayson was my finance manager he made all the paperwork easy. I'd highly recommend depaula to anyone I know!!

- Ashley

Awesome service! We got in and out in just a couple hours, they really worked with us to give us what we wanted and get us at the payment we were looking for.

- Fish Family

I came in through the service department and eneded up purchasing a certified 2500. The process was very smoothe and very easy.

- Dave A.

I purchased this vehicle from George Dejesus for my daughter, and George made the experience good. I expect my daughter will enjoy her new wheels, and George has offered a free oil change and wash with the first service. I have to say, I was surprised and disappointed that they didn't fill the take for us. A quality organization like this, that seemed a little cheap. Everyone was friendly, and I would buy another vehicle from George without hesitation

- White F150

Overall my experience here with depaula has been great. The finance dept and salesman were very respectful and courteous. They respected the fact we did not live local and made a point to work around that and our schedule I would definitely recommend this company and be here for future car buying.

- Kathleen B.

2013-03-04 CARS.COM

Great place to do service, Chris miller was excellent!! Highly recommend

- Dave

2013-03-05 CARS.COM

Wonderful experience leasing my new vehicle. Joe was my salesman, he was extremely helpful and explained all the details thoroughly. Jayson was my finance manager he made all the paperwork easy. I'd highly recommend depaula to anyone I know!!

- Ashley

2013-03-05 CARS.COM

Awesome service! We got in and out in just a couple hours, they really worked with us to give us what we wanted and get us at the payment we were looking for.

- The Fish Family

2013-03-05 CARS.COM

I came in through the service department and eneded up purchasing a certified 2500. The process was very smoothe and very easy.

- Dave Adams

Had my 2007 PT Cruiser, that I purchaed from you a year ago,in today for service.--Oil change and NYS Inspection.--I would like to thank Robyn and her Blue Team for their excellant service.--I was there in your service area about 7:35 A.M. and was on my way minutes after 8:00.--Greeted by members of the service team when I walked into your Service Area, with one of those I don-t know where to go looks on  my face.--Told why I was there, a gentleman took my keyes to bring my car into the garage.--Introduced to Robyn went to her area asked whay I was there, told her what I wanted.--A work order printed and my criuser was set to go!--Not only was my oil change a no charge also my NYS inspection and a car was besides.--I brag about your personnel and service at ever opptunity.--No other dealership will I do business with.--Thanks Very Much Again Robyn and your Blue Team, nice doing business with such professional people!!!!!!

- Grace

I would recommend working with Dan P. to anyone. I went in and knew what I wanted. He ran the numbers, gave me several thousand more for my trade in than the other local Chevy dealer. I had a busy week at work so Dan delivered the car to me at the office, signed the paperwork and I was all set. No hassle, great deal, exceptional customer service.--Mark Dorr

2013 Chevy Equinox

- Niskayuna, NY

My husband and I decided it was time for a new car. We came to Depaula and was very pleased with the service we received.Frank our sales manager was friendly and very professional.Jay the business manager was also very helpful, and professional.If your in the market for a new car Depaula is a great place to purchase a vehicle. I would like to thank Frank for all he did to make this a plesent exp

- Kim Renak

Was looking online at vehicles because I just got rid of my Ford F150 and was going to purchase a car and seen a 2009 Ford F150 that caught my eye and really thought it was out of my price range. But after talking to Emily and Jason they hooked us up with the payment we wanted and was out the door the same day. Depaula was the best buying experience I ever had and would recommend them to anyone. A great atmosphere, awesome prices, friendly faces, we will be coming back to them in 6 months for another vehicle!!

- Scott DiMonda

Our visit to DePaula was a great one. We came in and looked around, we weren't harrassed in the parking lot, but there was welcome faces when we went looking for help. Went for a test drive and loved loved the new camaro. Dennis Miller made the deal as easy as can be and we purchased it that day. Keith was there to let us know all our options with the new car and made everything flow. We have done businees for years with Dario and since Dennis and Dario are a team it was terrific doing business with them again! Keep up the good work guys.

- Michelle Collins

I knew what car I wanted before I arrived and had a price in mind. After some excellent rebates and incentives I purchased a brand new camero and financed less than the actual worth of the vehicle! A small ding in one door was fixed OVERNIGHT and my car was ready the next morning for a long drive with the top down. Fred and Keith made the process simple and were able to find financing for me better than my own credit union. Simply a pleasure doing business and a nice atmosphere (good music too).

- Cory Brown

Dan, Keith and Rich were great. My experience at DePaula Chevrolet was great. Everything was handled professionially despite being in a difficult financial situation. Very pleased, highly reccomended. Before you buy a Chevy, come to DePaula first. Make sure you see Dan Pakatar.

- Miranda Scott